New Hard Drive - partition size and contents?

  liblob 14:18 30 May 2003

Hoping to install and partition new HD, (if the new computer I have put together works).
The hard drive is 80Gb. I remember reading that if you make primary partition about 10Gb you can put O/S and all software on that then use other partitions to save your files. I do word processing, some DTP (club newsletter etc) and digital photography, (saving, manipulation etc.)
I would appreciate your advice re. partition sizes, and use.


  AndySD 15:15 30 May 2003

Primary partition C 30 gig (40 if you play games)

2 or 3 more partitions

D 10 gig Documents and downloads eg drivers

E the rest Photos

(F if you use photoshop its well worth haveing a 2 to 5 gig partition to use as the primary scratchdisk.)

  Diemmess 15:56 30 May 2003

My vote is to keep the primary C: drive as small as possible, say about 4 times the space needed for the o/s. In round numbers 10GB maximum though I set mine at much less.

Then divide up the rest into 10 - 20 Gb chunks.

If C: is deliberately small it takes much less time to use Ghost or Drive Image to backup the O/S to somewhere else, and restore it when you sooner or later mess up the C: drive.

As well to start with a plan, but with Partition Magic you can change the partition numbers and sizes around later if you have to.

  liblob 17:44 30 May 2003

Many thanks, food for thought there!


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