New hard drive partition problem - ubuntu

  Adam Herbst 02:30 04 Apr 2017

Hello! So I just got a 3 tb hard drive added to my system with a SSD as main boot. I just want it to be storage, then I'm going to share it via LAN. So I formatted it with FAT to make sure it loads when I share it over LAN with my windows 7 pc. I formatted it then moved all my data over but now it's saying capacity is 801 gigs rather than the 3 TB. I am planning on just reformatting it to see if that fixes it.

Should I just use NTFS or Ext4? When I was moving some videos it gave me an error so I wondered if the FAT might be causing some of those.

I'm just hoping that the formatting will fix the different size issue. It says its 3 tb in one program and then the 801 gigs in another.

I've also been having trouble with my flash drives being resized similar to this. Could this be a related issue?

Thanks in advance!

  Jollyjohn 09:46 04 Apr 2017

FAT has a file size limitation of 4GB so some of your video file s may be larger than this hence the error message.

If you are running Ubuntu then I would format the drive as ext4.

Once formatted create a new folder and use Samba to Share this folder on your network. Then copy your data into this folder.

Don't know why your flash drives are being affected unless they are also formatted as FAT.

  LastChip 11:39 04 Apr 2017

As Jollyjohn says, ext4 is the preferred file system as it's journalled and therefore has some protection built in. FAT won't cut it. But the reason you did what you did is perfectly valid.

  Adam Herbst 02:14 05 Apr 2017

I forgot that file limitation on FAT. Thanks! Everything seems to be working as expected now!

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