new hard drive and os install

  john the scone 13:36 20 Jul 2011

hi there, i've given up trying to sort my laptop out as it seems my hard drive has failed, and out of warranty, by 6 months. found a compatable hard drive and am capable of putting it into laptop. my system came with a recovery dvd but i had to burn my own dvds when i got it as a system back up i presume. do i just put the hard drive in then use the discs i burnt to re install windows 7 or the recovery disc? also there is another disc for drivers, will i need to use that as well. i've re installed systems before but not onto a new replacement hard drive. its an asus laptop x5dc running windows 7. any help much appreciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:39 20 Jul 2011

I assume the recovery disk would look for a partition on the HDD to restore from, therefore as its a new drive, I think you need to use the DVDs you made.

You shouldn't need the drivers as they should be part of the image on your DVDs.

  john the scone 14:09 20 Jul 2011

ok thanks, i'll give em a try

  birdface 14:37 20 Jul 2011

Did you try a factory restore or would it no work.

  john the scone 15:30 20 Jul 2011

tried factory re install but did not work, narrowed it down to faulty hard drive. once i install it do i need to format it or just put in the discs and they'll do it all for me?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:50 20 Jul 2011

Good question!

the drives often come pre formatted nowadays but I think the imaging software will do all that is necessary.

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