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  Troop Leader 14:13 03 Jan 2003
  Troop Leader 14:13 03 Jan 2003

If I install a new hard drive as a master, and set my old one as a slave, when I reboot presumably I would have to install windows onto the new drive but will the system automatically re name the old C;\ drive?

  cherria 14:22 03 Jan 2003

C: would become D: and would be unbootable.

your new disk would become C: and you would have to install a new OS on the new drive.

Why do you want to do it this way as opposed to create a dual boot machine leaving your existing OS intact?

  woodchip 14:24 03 Jan 2003

It should change the drive letter, but you may have a problem with both drives having OS on both. I would suggest put the new drive in as master load OS then make shure it is working OK, You could then try fitting your old drive as slave you have nothing to loose do not forget to change the jumper on the drive. If you first make a copy of you old drive with Drive Image you can use that if you have copied to cd to put all your system on the new drive from the CD then fit the new drive

  Troop Leader 14:32 03 Jan 2003

My existing C: drive is only 8.4gb which was fine for the WP use it mainly had, however I am now using my PC for pictures and recording vinyl to CD etc so need something a little bigger. Also have had a lot of trouble with the existing drive so would like to 'flatten' it and re format, after installing a new bigger drive as the main C: drive. i.e start again and re-install my main programmes, my documents and pictures are already on a CD backup.


  Switcher 14:34 03 Jan 2003

Yes but their are various ways of dealing with this - here are two methods

1. Fit new HDD with jumpers set for master and temporarily remove old HDD. Now boot to startup disk and Fdisk then Format new HDD then install windows. Then replace old HDD with jumpers set for slave it will automatically be recognised as d: If not make sure in the basic bios setting that all IDE channels are set to AUTO. This method may seem longwinded but it is a safe way to do it.

2. Use Ghost to clone OLD HDD to new HDD.

  Switcher 14:37 03 Jan 2003

Sorry took me so long to type had not seen latest postings.

In view of your desire to "flatten" etc forget option 2,

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