new hard drive not seen

  coleman2 22:41 22 Oct 2003

i have just fitted a second hd to my comp
its a maxor 40 gig but when i boot up in the screen you get as its loading it says something like atadti ? slave incompaterble i had two cd roms on my comp one cd rom 1 cd rw i took out the first one and put the new hd in its place it was set as slave as is hd i have read in other threads that you need to bugger about with bios
to get it to recognise large hd but am a lost where to start i have the manuel for my motherboard its a gygabyt 7zx1 and i have win 98os
thanks for any help

  Simon_P 23:09 22 Oct 2003

Firstly it is not recomended to mix optical(CD) and magnetic(Hard drives) drives on the same bus.

The first drive on end or the ribon cable this should be your main (boot) drive must be set as master, and the second drive (middle connector) must be set as slave.

Win 98 uses the FAT32 file system and only supports drives up to 32 Gig, although it is possible that 40 Gig drive will work ok.

Some drives have a jumper setting to limit the drive to 30 Gig.

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