Of New Hard Drive and Linux...

  Amry 12:55 29 Jul 2004

Well, recently, I installed a new hard drive (E/IDE, I guess -- I don't think it's SCSI) to my computer; a 160GB Maxtor hard drive with 2MB of cache (yeah, it's not very high, but the 8MB one costs 30 euros extra). Anyway, I successfully installed it, set it as the slave drive, and formatted it as NTFS to use with my Windows XP.

It's just one problem; I ran a benchmark test on the master drive, and it spits out the read/write speed as 17.1MB/sec and 15.8MB/sec, respectively. I then ran the benchmark on the new drive, and guess what? The read/write speed is 2.7MB/sec (!!!) and +400MB/sec (huh??). Anyone knows why?

Also, I have a removable hard drive, because I frequently lug around huge files (+200MB) between my home and university computer. In the past, I can copy the file from the removable hard drive to my computer, and while waiting for it to finish, do something else, like watch a video clip, or type stuff. But with the new drive... there's no problem if I'm copying the file to the master drive, but if I do it to the slave drive, the system slows down to a crawl until the copying is complete. Anyone knows how to remedy this?

Oh, and just one last, tiny Linux question; my RH 9 Linux welcome screen says, "welcome to localhost. something>". Is there a way I can change it? I'm not connected to the Internet, by the way.

Thanks in advance for any help.

  Chegs ® 13:34 29 Jul 2004

I had similar hdd speed issues with my (supposedly fast)SATA hdd's.I eventually removed the IDE hdd,and got an instant leap in speeds to approx mfg specs.9 mths later,both SATA hdd's failed.I never did find out why they were so slow when running with an IDE drive connected.(IDE drive is also Maxtor/7,200rpm,9ms average read/write)

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