New Hard it worth it??

  DANZIG 12:34 22 Dec 2004

Bit confused here.

If I bought an external hard drive, I'm assuming here I just plug it into a USB port, would it make any difference?

I currently have a 40Gb hard drive that is chocka full of stuff.

So, if I bought for arguements sake a 60Gb hard drive, would it physically give me 120Gb of storage or isn't it that simple.


  xania 12:45 22 Dec 2004

40 + 60 is 100, not 120, but otherwise yes. However, unless you are planning to make the data available on more than one PC, you could more cheaply buy a 60 Mb internal HDD and set this up as a slave.

  DANZIG 12:52 22 Dec 2004

My maths was never very good.

Thanks for the reply though.

What does the 'slave' bit mean though?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 12:54 22 Dec 2004

why not just buy an internal you can get 160gig drives for less than 100 quid which would quadruple your storage this might be of help

click here

  DANZIG 12:56 22 Dec 2004

I'm also a bit squeamish about fiddling around inside my PC.

I'd much prefer just to plug something into a USB port rather than risking blowing the whole thing up!

  Magik ®© 13:00 22 Dec 2004

maxtor do a nice external drive, mine is 200gb of which i have used about 12gb :-), just plug it in and use it to store every thing you can find, files, pictures and so on...

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 13:03 22 Dec 2004

No problem refering to the origional question if you are running xp or 2k a usb drive should be picked up and show as a hard drive in my computer

  DANZIG 13:03 22 Dec 2004

So, would it be possible, if I DID buy an external drive, after plugging it in, would I be able to transfer all the stuff that is already on my hard drive on to the new one?

And..if that was possible would the stuff that I had transferred be usable on someone else's PC?

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 13:09 22 Dec 2004

you would be able to transfer any stored data operating system and installed programs cannot be moved

  DANZIG 13:11 22 Dec 2004

I see.


Thanks for the help guys!

  Vague Boy 13:15 22 Dec 2004

To transfer the stuff from your old hard drive to the new one, it would be simply a question of dragging the files over (I'm assuming you just want your personal data copied across, not the OS or applications). Or you could run the Backup wizard.

If you plugged the hard drive into someone else's computer, as long as they had the application that created the files, they could open up and use your stuff. So I've you've got lots of Word files and the other person had Word, no problem. Similarly, if you've got lots of JPEG, MPEG or MP3 files, these won't cause any problems.

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