New hard drive, do I update bios?

  microswift 18:47 14 Jun 2003

I recently installed a new (eide) hard drive, it was formatted using win xp installation disk. It is not recognised anywhere in bios, it is in device manager as scsi hard drive, all drive channels are set to auto(detect), I have tried inputting hard drive details manually, still no success, the previous (failed) hard drive had win ME installed. Do I have to update bios or is there some other way to resolve this?

  eccomputers 21:25 14 Jun 2003

1. how did you format it if the bios cannot see it?
2. What size was your old hard drive and what size is this one?
3. Is the ribbon cable connected correctly? black to hard drive/blue to motherboard or if both connectors same colour doesnt matter. Red stripe next to power connector? and pin 1 on motherboard ?

  microswift 22:46 14 Jun 2003

The disk is formatted by xp during installation, the old disk was 30G, the new one is 60G,the cable is properly connected.

  woodchip 22:50 14 Jun 2003

You should have auto detected the drive first in bios, but you should still be able to do it but if all is OK why bother

  microswift 23:03 14 Jun 2003

Everything does work ok, but I am about to install a second hard drive with win ME installed, what if that is not recognised and given a letter, how do I boot from that disk, would I have to go into bios and change the boot sequence, if they were both recognised in bios then at boot up I would be given the choice, it's a niggly little problem I would like to resolve before installing second disk.

  woodchip 23:09 14 Jun 2003

If you have XP on board you may have a problem, unless you use a dedicated Dual Boot Program

  Danoh 23:14 14 Jun 2003

Have you changed the jumpers for the old HDD to slave and the new to master? Or vice versa?

  microswift 23:17 14 Jun 2003

Dedicated dual boot program, such as?

  microswift 23:23 14 Jun 2003

The new disk is set to master, the second disk is as yet uninstalled although the jumper is set to slave, because of the way the disks will be installed in the case I need a longer cable which I can get tomorrow.

  TBH1 23:32 14 Jun 2003

just my 2 penneth - - - I installed a 2nd hard drive, ontp primary slave - - -and had no need to 'mess' with the bios - - -just formatted and away I went. Since then I had need to install a new master and again, no worries with bios. I run w98se on 600mhs athlone.
Good luck - - you will get there.

  jazzypop 23:35 14 Jun 2003

If I understand you correctly, you have successfully installed a new drive, with XP on.

You want to add a slave drive, with ME on. Do you want the ability to dual-boot, i.e. to have the option to load either system at startup? If so, your method will not work - you will always boot to ME.

There are complicated ways of installing Win98/ME after XP has been installed, but Microsoft strongly advise that you install the oldest version of Windows first (ME), then install XP.

If you do want the option of either version, I suggest you reinstall your original drive (with ME) as master, format the XP drive, and startup with the XP CD in the drive.

You will be given the option to install XP instead of, or as well as XP. You can then choose to install XP onto your slave (D:) drive if you wish.

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