new hard drive

  cravenbiker 09:04 08 Jul 2008

as you guys may have seen before i yhave had problems with my HD and have decided to stop flaping about with it, bite the bullet and buy a new one, i have a dell desktop machine (dimension 9200) and it came with 2x160 gb sata drives(not sure why it came with 2 and not 1x320?)
question is....if i get a new hard drive, what would be the benefit of getting a larger one than i have now and is there different types of sata drives or will they all be compatible with my machine does the motherboard have a maximum capacity limit when regarding a hard drive like it does ram?



  johndrew 09:58 08 Jul 2008

About SATA drives click here
SATA vs IDE click here

The motherboard is not affected by HDD size, but you may need drivers if you have not used SATA drives before. Check the motherboard will accept SATA drives before you buy, you should be able to see the sockets on the motherboard. Remember you will also need SATA data cables for your new drive, again if you have not used SATA drives before. You may also need to adjust the BIOS for compatibility.

The larger the drive the more you can store on it. The larger the buffer and the faster it rotates the quicker data will be transfered.

  cravenbiker 10:05 08 Jul 2008

the current drives are sata, so i take it that this is ok, will a mb that runs sata be ok with ide or would i need to check that too?

  FreeCell 10:45 08 Jul 2008

If your existing drive is a sata replace it with the same, so existing cables can be used. Choose any size that you can afford, but unless you store lots of video and/or music then 320gb is a lot already so no need to go overboard.

Suggest you use Acronis or Paragon Hard Drive Manager to make a copy of the old disk assuming it still works.

  cravenbiker 10:52 08 Jul 2008

would i need to make a copy of the hard drive if i dont need any of the info that I have on it at all?

  ronalddonald 11:54 08 Jul 2008

When you insert the new drive you will have to load the operating systemm. Now i presume you made a back up copy of data from your previous hd.

If you didnt and its faulty i cant see how your gonna retrieve that data.

The only way i can advise you now is to make a good habit of backing up data on an external harddrive that is usb operated and or a pen drive.

even if you down load programs from the net save it on a pen drive or and external drive.

okay dokey

  ronalddonald 12:02 08 Jul 2008

one more thing when you dispose of the old disc drive drill holes through it so that no can retrieve the data if its very personal 2U.

like a cross shape starting in the cente drilling holes up to edge and down to the bottm and left to right towrds edge should only be about 5 to ten holes.

  woodchip 12:02 08 Jul 2008

Well when two drives are fitted, its very unlikely that both would go boing at the same time

  ronalddonald 12:02 08 Jul 2008

try click here for these types of drives.

  ronalddonald 12:05 08 Jul 2008

then sincere apologies when you get the os running you can simmply transfer the files over to the other drive by copying and pasting or clicking on the file and sending it over tot he other drive

  cravenbiker 12:09 08 Jul 2008

thanks guys. I think im gonna give it 1 more try to fix the droive and then get a new one. thanks fo r the links.

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