New hard drive

  joram10176 10:59 09 Nov 2003

I have just brought a new Maxtor hard drive to replace and old broken HDD, read the instuction, installed it in the base unit, adjusted bios to Auto detect put in the bootable disk and cdrom, turn on
the new HDD is dectected
the caldrea ddr dos starts up
and the max blast software starts to work
i agree to the lience the machine then say's "gathering information" and thats it it just sits on that screen
i have been to there web sit and tried to download the latest software but there bootable disk progarm does not work??
and the cd rom ISO will not open correctly
please help i am a bit of a novice


  leo49 11:31 09 Nov 2003

You don't actually need both floppy and CDrom to prepare your new HDD.The ISO merely contains a couple of extra tools along with Maxblast3.
If you've installed Maxblast 3 to the floppy correctly and altered the boot sequence so that floppy is first, then booting with the Maxblast3 floppy does the job very well.

  joram10176 19:01 10 Nov 2003

Managed to sort the HDD and load windows 98 OS (it's an old machine) turned it off
Turned it back on this morning and i The screen does not work with this machine
I have checked the card - works fine in another PC
i have check monitor - works fine in another pc

So what is work with the bloody thing

Any ideas,


  PA28 19:05 10 Nov 2003

Have you installed the drivers for your graphics card on your new hard drive?........... Once you have the OS on the new drive, make sure that the boot sequence in BIOS goes to C: first and A: second.

  joram10176 19:16 10 Nov 2003

BUt i cannot see any thing no Bios,cmos no nothing

  flaz1984 19:46 10 Nov 2003

Ive fixed the problem, i had to go into realone player and alter the folder where all downloads are saved to.

thanks for the help

  flaz1984 19:47 10 Nov 2003


sorry i was ment to put that in my discussion thread :)


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