New Hard Drive

  Rikku 10:23 19 Sep 2003

Hi i got my new hard drive yesterday and i managed to format it to FAT32 but now i need to put my OS on . . .problem is i only have the floppy disk for my windows ME thats all they would supply so i try to reformat and boot from the oem disk but it gives me an error any ideas on how to get around this?? info on how to use drive images with it please help meh! i might consider linux but thats my last resort because i need windows atm.

I have two harddrives on my system but the one that has windows on atm is going in another computer so i need the OS on my new drive i have drive imaging software i think the company is "paragon" My hard drive is a western digital 120GB SE 8 MB chache 7200 rpm i dont really wanna fork out on a new OS either.

  Rikku 10:28 19 Sep 2003

maybe a way to transfer everything off my old drive to my new one

i didnt get ne software with my HD

  Gaz W 10:37 19 Sep 2003

I think something like Norton Ghost would do it - it would make an "image" of your current hard drive, which you could then burn onto a CD and restore it onto the new one, but I wouldn't format your old hard drive until you can see the new one working.

  Rikku 10:49 19 Sep 2003

Ya But how would i boot from the CD? do i need ne files on the new HDD now?? plus i accidentally reformatted the old HDD last nite with the recovery floppy disk :( i thort u needed a few files like or sumthing like that i know someone who gets full install CD's off then net and that but i dont really wanna do that because its prob like illegal using the smae CD key as someone else

is norton ghost supplied with norton system works?? i have nsw 2002.

  Rikku 11:58 19 Sep 2003

Would paragons imaging utility work? i think it does the same thing but am unsure


  Rikku 12:01 19 Sep 2003

i got it with pc extreme coverdisk

click here

its listed on that its the full version

  Jester2K II 12:03 19 Sep 2003

XXCopy click here

Read this thread too..

click here

  Jester2K II 12:06 19 Sep 2003

i boot from the CD? - what CD?

i accidentally reformatted the old HDD last nite with the recovery floppy disk :( - so you've lost everything on your old hard drive? If so, Ghost and XXCopy can't help you now.

Can you CLEARLY state the situation you are in. What do you have (Hard drives and CDs)

  deadneat 12:23 19 Sep 2003

mmm this is very hard to read :-(
If you have wiped your only copy of windows and do not have the cd or key then buy oem xp from company that sold you the Hard drive.

  Rikku 12:28 19 Sep 2003

hmm well i dunno they seem complicated i dont like dos progs but ehhm what if i got summat like win xp install files onto the D:/ take old hd out and run setup from dos. . .then wen win xp is intalled insert ME recovery disk and then reformat to ME ?? would that work??

i think i would need to type in something like


to install win xp

would this work?? i know its prob not legal but i would rather do this than use a dos app.

or if i got my hands on the install CD and did that?? but i dunno ne one with win ME only 98SE

would it work if i installed 98 then used ME recovery disk??

thanks if i cant do that i will have to use the apps or fork out on xp :(

  Rikku 12:33 19 Sep 2003

No i have windows ME i used the recovery disk after setting the new hard drive as boot up and thought it would reformat the new HDD however it just restored windows to its factory state on old HDD so now i have win ME on old disk

But i want to install an OS onto new disk -- The recovery disk (its a floppy disk) wont allow me to install it because you need a previous version of windows to install it with so i need help with this bit now

thanks hope u understand now

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