New Hard Disk Tutorial

  nivekh 21:03 03 Sep 2007

Everyone's looking to bigger and bigger hard drives these days and some of the forum supporters give great advice about How To move data and OS to the new drive.
It would be brilliant if PC Advisor or one of you out there could produce simple step by step guides including Recovery disc options.
PC World say it's way complex, hidden files etc, and best left to experts like them! (costly!)

  Si_L 21:07 03 Sep 2007

Moving data is straightforward if it is just files.

However, when you install a program it creates entries in the registry and so it is not enough to merely copy files over.

  nivekh 21:17 03 Sep 2007

I'm more concerned about putting my OS on to the new hard drive when I only have a Recovery disc.
We're talking about an Acer laptop with just 40GB drive. I'd like to double it at least.
Is it really just a matter of using something like Acronis to copy the drive from one to the other via an external HDD?
Step by step guide would be really useful, I mean will I be able to copy the drive to an external drive, then simply copy that to the new HDD installed in the laptop?

  nivekh 21:18 03 Sep 2007

Hard drive manufactures could really boost their sales figures if they could make life a little easier for upgrades.

  Solartopi 21:29 03 Sep 2007


I use Acronis True Image - Disk Clone - recently to transfer everything from my Old Hard Drive to My New Hard Drive.

Seemed to have worked ok.


  Ashrich 21:35 03 Sep 2007

I recently upgraded a laptop from 40 to 80 GB , put the new drive into an external caddy and use Migrate Easy to clone across , took out the old drive , removed the new one from the caddy and put it in laptop and booted , no problems . The same can be done for desktop hard disks , just slave the new one and copy across with whatever software you choose to use , it really is that simple . I'm pretty sure that Vista will be just as simple as soon as the migrating software is available ( it might be already ! )


  nivekh 22:22 03 Sep 2007

Ahhh, there's the problem, I've got an external HDD, but not a caddie (whatever that is)

  woodchip 22:40 03 Sep 2007

Best way to do it is to use Acronis True Image, fit the Drive as Slave Make it active and format it in Disc Management. that's right click My Computer\Manage\Disc Management

After you have done that use Acronis to Create a Image of the Entire Drive, you need a External USB drive or you would have to use a lot of DVD disc's to copy the Image to. After you can boot with Acrons CD restore the Image to the Slave drive. You would then have to switch off and change the drives round so new would become Master or if it's EIDE drive change jumpers on the drive. the Restore will still work if you do it this way. But having Acronis means you don’t need Restore as Acronis can do it

  nivekh 15:21 04 Sep 2007

In reply to Woodchip
sounds simple, but this is a laptop not a desktop. I can't do it that way, can I?

  woodchip 16:05 04 Sep 2007

No you would have to first create the Image to a External USB hard Drive as I did. This as to be a Full Drive Image so it grabs all the Partitions.
You would then do as I did with My Laptop, Remove the Old drive and fit the new one, then start computer with the USB drive connected and Use the Acronis Rescue CD to boot the Laptop. It's just then a case of running Restore From the Program like pointing it to the Image you created on the USB drive then install it. I did this with a Medion Laptop it was a slow 4200rpm 30Gb drive. I fitted a 60Gb at 7200 rpm Medion Restore will still work if you need to use yours it should still do it. But with Acronis you can forget the Restore software as Acronis takes care of it all. You can ether save you old drive as it is as a backup or fit it in a External 2.5" USB case

  nivekh 14:24 05 Sep 2007

Thankd for that, I now feel a little more confident about buying a replacement drive. I'll let you know how I get on.
If anyone else has any hints and tips I'd be glad to know.

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