New hard disk -shuts down -virus?

  Trikie 21:52 21 Nov 2004

Just had a new hard disk fitted after failure. reconnected to internet, updated Norton but computer keeps closing down - LSA Shell (Export Version) mesaage then win\sys32\1sassexe Status 1073741819 NT Authority System.

Try to run Norton but it keeps closing down before finishing. Help!

  quack 23:34 21 Nov 2004

Go to 'Run' type in services.msc then go to Remote Procedures - Recovery and change procedure to 'No Action' This should allow you to get onto the internet then go to Windows Update and download all critical fixes. Update and run Norton Anti Virus and run full system scan. This should then find the virus that is causing the problem. Go back to 'Run' and reactivate the Recovery Procedure. Before I forget, disable System Restore before doing the Full System scan and re-enable when finished. This will delete all previous check points but will ensure that the entire system is scanned. You haven't said what OS you are using so I can't tell you how to disable System Restore but the Help files in Windows will give you this info. Good Luck.

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