New Graphics Card won't work.

  OCFan1985 17:24 13 Apr 2005

Hi. i just bought an HIS Radeon X700 Pro 256mb PCI-E graphics card, and for some unknown reason, it doesn't work. I uninstalled the old drivers, turned off the pc, and put in the new card.
When i booted up my PC again, the monitor said there was no signal, and went back to sleep, and the PC, other than the fan going, did nothing.
I then put my old card back in ( Radeon X600 Pro,256mb PCI-E), and everyhting worked fine, I just needed to put the drivers back on. Tried the new card 3 times, and no success.
I've got a P4 3.4 Ghz, with 1gb DDR SDRAM, a 350W PSU, and windows XP.
Please, any help would be greatly appreciated, and I dont want to send the card back, and go through all the trouble, if there's something else wrong!Thanks

  rubella 17:59 13 Apr 2005

Sounds like you know what your doing.

Guess: What sort of PSU do you have? I know the minimum recommended for that card is 300w and you have a 350w, but they are not all created equal, especially if you’ve been spanking it with your previous card.

  Indigo 1 18:01 13 Apr 2005

Also check that you have a compatible PCI-E slot and that you are installing it in the correct one.

Always best to check the obvious first.

  matt1234 18:03 13 Apr 2005

Try it in different slots.

Im not an expert on ATI im an NVIDIA expert :). Try it in anogher machine. Also are the monitor plugs in properly or is the monitor on the correct settings e.g. DVI, or Analog.

  OCFan1985 18:40 13 Apr 2005

Thanks for the advie, the only thing that i could think of, was that my PSU was possibly a bit weak for this card. Thing is, it wont boot at all, only the fan goes on, no whirring or beeping whatsoever!
It's not the PCI-E slot because I know it's compatible.
What other advice do you guys think? Send the card back, try another, and if that doesn't work, get a new PSU?

  rods 18:55 13 Apr 2005

has your card got a slot on the side? I have a radeon 9800 pro and it takes one of the power cords from your motherboard to plug into it, on my computer will not start at all with out it, as obviously supplys the power to the card (this is aswell as your card sitting in the AGP/PCI slot.

Just an idear


  georgemac © 18:56 13 Apr 2005

no beeps sounds like the psu could be struggling

look on the label on the psu and seewhat the max output ratings are for the +3.3 +5 and +12 volt rails (not peak ratings) and also post the psu type.

  Totally-braindead 19:17 13 Apr 2005

I've had a similar sort of problem a while back with an AGP card and bought a new PSU and everything but ended up sending the card back as it was faulty. I really wish I could help but I haven't touched a PCI express graphics card and motherboard yet. Personally I'd be tempted to send it back.

  OCFan1985 19:34 13 Apr 2005

Right,I've looked on the psu label and got these figures, i hpoe they are the ones your looking for:

+3.3V + 5V = 130max
+3.3V=22.0A 5V= 21A 12V1 10A
12V2 = 15.0A +5Vsb 2.0A 12V=0.3A

Various colours were listed next to them, but i'm guessing thats just the relative wires, and not too important. AS for make, the only name I could find was FSP Gray Inc. with Fortro/ Source written underneath. It came with a Fujitsu-Siemens PC, so I'm guessing it's not overly amazing.

I hope this helps, because I really don't want to buy a new PSU, and find out it was the card all along!
Thanks for all the help so far by the way, it's greatly appreciated.

  josie mayhem 20:31 13 Apr 2005

Try removing/disconnecting anything that comsumes power.

Just have the g.card, ram and hard drive connected (and of course any fans i.e cpu that are esentrail to keep temps down) and then try booting.

  User-312386 20:40 13 Apr 2005

what MOBO have you got?

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