New Graphics Card-TV Tuner Trouble

  RGB76 11:30 12 Jan 2010

Hello all,
I put a new N`vidia GT 240 Graphics card in and my TV Tuner Picture is useless, I have tried Hauppauge USB Nova TV 7 and also a PCI card both with latest drivers. It was fine before the Graphics Upgrade.

They both find all the Digital stations fine but the playback is absolutely useless since I bought the new Graphics card, everything else is good.
Blu-ray, DVDs all play very well with Power DVD.
I have Vista Premium/Windows 7 Dual Boot system.

Any advice with this problem would be appreciated,
Mant Thanks in advance.



  RGB76 14:00 12 Jan 2010

Bump ??

  RGB76 14:03 12 Jan 2010

Has anyone else bought this Graphics Card and had any problems along similar lines?.



  OTT_Buzzard 14:47 12 Jan 2010

I'd try unsinstalling the and reinstalling the TV tuner before you get too stressed with it. make sure you delete all drivers and software for it.

Also make sure the graphics drivers are the latest from the nvidia website (click here).

  RGB76 15:02 12 Jan 2010

Hi OTT_Buzzard

Thanks for your reply, I have tried several times uninstalling and reinstalling the TV stuff.
I`m not particularly stressed with it, I just don`t like upgrading one thing at the cost of loosing something else.


  OTT_Buzzard 15:04 12 Jan 2010

Couple of things worth looking at.

Try reseating your tv tuner - it may have got knocked when you installed the graphics card.

Does your PSU have anough power to run all your hardware?

  GaT7 15:38 12 Jan 2010

Also, did you remember to plug in the aerial cable into the Tuner after installing the GT240? I forget to sometimes.

Could be a conflict between the nVidia drivers & Hauppauge software click here & click here. Try older nVidia version drivers if they are available? Older Vista 32/64-bit nVidia drivers click here & click here. G

  RGB76 16:04 12 Jan 2010

Hi Crossbow7
I have tried reseating the graphics card, and reinstalled the Hauppauge USB TV Tuner but the picture is still the same.
I`ve just downloaded older N`Vidia Forceware 190-62 drivers, I`ll see how things go with them.
Many thanks to you both for your interest.



  RGB76 14:35 13 Jan 2010

Just an update to this problem, I find that my built in Webcam no longer works properly since I installed this Card and the webcam is in a new 24 inch HP Monitor which I payed a fair amount of cash for, I`ve had the card out and reseated it , uninstalled the TV software and reinstalled it and it has made no difference to the problem.
The problem is that the Picture on The TV and Webcam jumps about so these thing are unwatchable, I have now uninstalled TV and Webcam, kept the grapics card installed, just in case a Fix appears.



  RGB76 14:42 13 Jan 2010

By the way Crossbow7 I did try the older NVidia drivers but nothing would work with them, In a way I wish I had never bought this Graphics card, but it would have been impossible to forsee the problems that it has caused me.

Thanks for your time,


  OTT_B 14:53 13 Jan 2010

Can you post back the spec of your PC? i.e.

Hard Drive (including how much used space vs capacity)
Power Supply
Sound Card

Excepting driver conflicts, and assuming the rest of your hardware is ok, I can't see a reason why adding a GT240 would trash your system.

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