COLIN-234466 20:13 23 Apr 2007

Hi .I just installed a new graphics card and it doe's not seem to be working right . It seems to hang and sometimes computer restarts some games wont start. The card is a fxf 8500 gt . Please help

  skidzy 20:15 23 Apr 2007

Have you tried updating to the latest driver,or even rolling back to another driver.

  skidzy 20:22 23 Apr 2007

Im not the best with graphics cards and others may advise better,but this will bump you.

There is a beta driver availible click here

  COLIN-234466 20:23 23 Apr 2007

tried that did not work the card plays dvd in stunning detail but games seem to be a no no the now cossacks batle for europe wont start and veitcong 2 once u die u have to restart game .Using amd64 4000+ 2 gig of ram a 200 gig hard drive with plenty of fans 4 not including the one on graphics card

  COLIN-234466 20:24 23 Apr 2007

that is the driver i am using

  skidzy 20:31 23 Apr 2007

Maybe its the driver thats buggy then,it is in Beta remember and will possibly have several issues.Have you tried an older driver.

  COLIN-234466 20:38 23 Apr 2007

ran the disc with drivers on it had the problem so i updated to the beta version with no change infact my old onboard graphics was more stable with games

  wee eddie 20:41 23 Apr 2007

perhaps it would help the more knowledgeable

  skidzy 20:44 23 Apr 2007

Sorry Ninnian,thats about as far as dare go regarding graphics cards.

One more thing:

Though the onboard graphics should have been auto-disabled when you inserted this card,have you checked in the bios to see if the onboard graphics are disabled.

  wee eddie 20:47 23 Apr 2007

unpunctuated text on your twenty twenty three posting it always helps to add the occasional fullstop or even a paragraph or two that makes the text even easier to read and to understand as sometimes it is difficult to see where one topic begins and another finishes

  COLIN-234466 20:48 23 Apr 2007

motherboard is asrock 939NF4G-VSTA 450 POWER SUPPLY . When i installed the card i went into bios and put graphics from pci to pci-e was that right or not

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