New graphics card not performing like it should

  dave_the_red 09:46 28 Feb 2005

I have just bought a new Geforce 6600GT graphics card and was expecting to be blown away by it judging by the reviews and the fact that I was previously using a Geforce fx5200.

This didn’t happen and games are playing choppily and frame rates just are not up to scratch for a card of this quality.

I was thinking that it could be the other components in my system holding it back, so any thought or ideas on this would be great. I was thinking of buying some more faster Ram, should that help or is it likely to be something else.


PS funnily enough my 3dmark 05 scores are not bad, I got 3155.

  dave_the_red 10:02 28 Feb 2005

Sorry forgot to put my specs :-)

Athlon XP 2000+ (runs at 1.66ghz)
Galaxy Geforce 6600gt 128mb
2x 256mb pc2100 ddr
Asus a7n8x Motherboard


  fazer 13:14 28 Feb 2005

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  PsiFox 14:32 28 Feb 2005

Your cpu will hold you back to a certain extent.

Also did you use a driver cleaner to remove the fx5200 drivers before you removed it and installed new card?

Additionally what driver version are you using and which games cause a problem?

Consider playing around with different driver versions

Also if you have an nforce board only use whql drivers from nvidia with the 67.03 video drivers

  dave_the_red 22:50 28 Feb 2005

Thanks for the help Fazer and psifox. To answer your questions psifox.

Yes I used a Driver Cleaner.

I am using Forceware version 66.93 and Doom 3 runs slowly even on medium settings yet I have heard that this card is the best for Doom3. Also Wolfenstein Enemy Territory frame rates are quite slow considering the difference from my old card to my new one.

My motherboard is Nforce and the driver I am using is whql.

I have just run 3dmark 05 and got 3145 for the 3d test and 2352 for the cpu tests.

  The Sack 14:06 01 Mar 2005

Obviously not mate when there is the 6800, GT and Ultra available with double the memory bandwidth :-)

Your 3D mark 05 score is bang on the money for the card/processor you are running so it can only be the way you have got the games set up to run.

Are you running DirectX 9c? and are you trying to play the games with too much FSAA and Ansiotropic filtering on? Have you set the profiles for the games in the performance and quality settings in the driver?

Forceware 75.90 is a good'un.

  dave_the_red 16:13 01 Mar 2005

Sorry "the sack" what I meant was that this series of nvidia cards "series 6" rather than this individual card.

I am running directx 9c

I have set the profiles to the best of my ability for the individual games.

I will double check them when I get home tonight.

I have had an explanation for the poor performance in "Enemy Territory".

I have been told that is far more reliant on processor power than raw Graphics power. So that is probably why it is not performing the blistering frame rates I was expecting.

Thanks for the help

  Bleep 18:47 01 Mar 2005

'Athlon XP 2000+ (runs at 1.66ghz) Galaxy Geforce 6600gt 128mb 2x 256mb pc2100 ddr Asus a7n8x Motherboard '

I'm will say that your specs are the hold back, you are getting a good 3DMARK05 score as it is very video orientated stressing the GPU and not the CPU.

Run 3DMark01 or AquaMark03, you will get a more all round result there, un-fortunatley your specs are well out of sig and your really only getting %40-%50 of the performance out of the graphics card..

There is no point getting fater RAM as your CPU can only run with PC2100 RAM anyway unless you o/c your FSB but that old AMD XP2000 will not go very far..

A new CPU,RAM and MOBO also what speed is your HDD fronm that era I guess 5200RPM? UPGRADE TIME!!

  dave_the_red 19:35 01 Mar 2005

No my hard drives are both 7200rpm, I built the computer myself about 2 years ago from limited cash resources so the spec was never going to match up well really.

I think I am going to upgrade to a Asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard (socket 939)

Athlon 64 2800 or 3000 and some new memory.

That motherboard has an agp slot so I can use the new graphics card in it.

Thanks for the help guys and gals

  dave_the_red 19:37 01 Mar 2005

As for the overclocking Bleep I run my processor at 1.8 something ghz yesterday for well over 2 hours of gameplay and it was fine and that involved oc/ing the fsb so I could actually get faster memory as my motherboard does support it.

  Bleep 20:01 01 Mar 2005

Yes mate I run my AMD 2500 Barton Mobile @ 2.4 Ghz 1.7v with an FSB of 218MHZ 436MHZ DDR, the point I was making is that your AMD2000 is not going to hit anyway near enough speed, not much past 1.9-2.0, to give you a real glipse of your cards potential performance and 256k L2 is also holding it back.

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