New graphics card not detected in device manager

  harry12 13:17 22 Feb 2007

I just installed new card in pci e16 slot of new motherboard. Neither Add new hardware or device manager detect it. I cannot try it in old computer as there is no pcie slot. Help.
Motherboard-Asrock Conroe945-DVI
Graphics-Asus EX AX300SE

  Technotiger 13:25 22 Feb 2007

Hi, only two things I can think of - remove and refit card, just to make sure of perfect fit - or, possibly faulty card, get a replacement.

  Technotiger 13:29 22 Feb 2007

I would guess you are 'seeing' the results via your on board graphics, just a thought maybe onboard graphics needs to be disabled in BIOS?

  harry12 13:29 22 Feb 2007

Using onboard graphics.

Tried that twice
, replacement I think

  harry12 13:32 22 Feb 2007

Surely card would still be detected. But I"ll try your suggestion

  harry12 14:04 22 Feb 2007

I tried disabling onboard graphics, no joy.
Will have to arrange for replacement.

  Technotiger 14:09 22 Feb 2007

Yes, I guess that is your best option.

Good luck.

  Technotiger 18:49 22 Feb 2007

jay.p has a good point - have you tried the card in both PCIe slots, the only difference being that PCIe x1 is a lot slower than PCIe x16.

  harry12 18:30 23 Feb 2007

PCIe x16 graphics card will not fit PCIe x1 slot.
I did try the DVI graghics card which came with the motherboard in PCIe x16 slot and it was detected . So I think slot OK graphics card duff.
Thanks to all for your input.

  harry12 13:06 03 Mar 2007

Graphics card was from Ebuyer and received replacement(which works) on thursday. Have used Ebuyer before but this was the first time I had to return any item. Was impressed by their system.

  Technotiger 14:52 03 Mar 2007

Grrreat - thanks for the feedback.

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