New Graphics Card Needed - Advice Please !!!

  domtheboy 22:23 17 Apr 2004

Hi all

I recently was gutted to buy the new Splinter Cell game and find that my (t)rusty GeForce 4 MX440 graphics card was not up to the task of running the game.

As such I've found myself in the market for a new graphics card. I haven't been keeping tabs on graphics card developments lately and was wondering if anyone could recommend a card they love.

I'm not looking at spending mega money (£60 tops). The game's recommended requirements are a GeForce FX128MB or ATI 9800, and according to the game's official forum any of the following cards would be sufficient to run it:

ATI Radeon 8500/9x00 family cards and newer
Geforce 3/4/FX series

So fellas (and ladies) it's over to you - what should I buy ? Help shape my destiny !!!



  rickimalone 22:30 17 Apr 2004

You could look at the Radeon 9200 or FX5200 for around the price that you have to spend...
Try here:click here

  rickimalone 22:32 17 Apr 2004

Spend the extra 20/30 pounds and get something like a Radeon 9600 or N'VIDA 5700 it will make the world of difference the game enjoyment factor.

And will add a bit more value to your purchase.....

  QQAA 22:42 17 Apr 2004

click here# is relatively economical, powerful and us bundled with 3 full game titles.

  ThePharcyde007 23:23 17 Apr 2004

u can also clock your card, using coolbits registry edit. I brought a GF 4 MX440 which came with spliter cell in the box...I had no probs but ran it on minimum settings. I now have a 9800 I would save your 60 and try and double it as the 9800pro is the nutz! or end of may/june new Geforce benchmarks against 9800XT are double!!!!amazing card

  Sion 23:53 17 Apr 2004

The thing is with spending only £60 on a grpahics card is that most in that price range may have the latest technology on board, but they just lack brute force under the hood (so to speak) the MX440 may not have the latest instruction sets, but it is quite a powerful little card.
However, if your max is £60 budget i would recomend.

128MB Ati Radeon 9600SE £53.99 click here

128MB Ati Radeon 9600SE £49.82 click here

Ati Radeon 9600 128MB - £65.77 (slightly more, but it is a faster card) click here

Ati 9600Pro 128MB £89.00 (Over your budget i know, but trust me, good card. Will run Splinter Cell no probs at all) click here

I wouldn't mess around with any of the Nvidia mid range chips to be honest with you. TO be quite blunt, they cost the same as ATI and aren't as fast. In fact, I read the other day Nvidia are trying to sell off all their surplus chips, as the have about $80 million worths they can't shift !!

My advice to you, splash out the extra £30 and get the 9600pro. Its a fast card, good price, and will last you a good long while. Only thing you should know about this card, you have to have a spare power connector inside your machine.

  Sion 23:54 17 Apr 2004

Ps. All prices above are inclusive of VAT but NOT delivery. I'm helpful, but not that helpful !

  domtheboy 00:49 18 Apr 2004

Sion. That is not good enough. I expect VAT, delivery costs and also an estimation of how long it will take to install the card. In future you must consider this before posting.

Lol only kidding. Thanks for all your advice guys. I'm doing some reading up on your recommendations now. I think I may actually hang the expense and go for the 9600 Pro that Sion suggets.

  QQAA 11:42 18 Apr 2004

i guess the people at ATI would be disappointed if their relentless efforts to position the cooler (thus a smaller heat-sink fan) and power-saving "Radeon 9600 XT" graphics chipset click here as the new mainstream graphics card have not been well received by the consumers in general.

here are some handy price and specificatin details for a quick study of the issue click here.

by the way, i am quite in favour of the 256MB memory version (a good value given the slight price increase over the 128MB version) of "Radeon 9600 XT". it would enable us forget about graphics card replacement for a very long time indeed.

  rickimalone 11:46 18 Apr 2004

Why not buy an XBOX........

  grabster 13:49 18 Apr 2004


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