New Graphics card - loose capacitor

  [email protected] 10:01 28 Sep 2006

Daft question - just recieved a new graphics card & there is a capacitor roling about inside the box.

Is it worth seeing if it works or just return?

  sil_ver 10:22 28 Sep 2006

That's a tricky one. If you try it and it blows your mobo you'll have trouble trying to prove it was the card. It could be just a capacitor that fell into the box at mfr. I would be inclined to get in touch with the firm you bought it from before doing anyhing, at least you will have made them aware.

  keef66 10:27 28 Sep 2006

try to find a detailed pic of the card on the net and compare it with yours. A missing capacitor should be fairly obvious; if so, return it without trying it out.

If it looks ok, I'd still be inclined to phone the supplier and tell him what you've found in the box, and only try the card if the supplier is happy to replace anything it damages. (unlikely, I think!)

  wolfie3000 11:48 28 Sep 2006

How about photographing the GFX card so some of the more technically minded on here can examine it and tell you if its busted or not,

Make sure you photograph both sides and try to get as much detail as possible in the photo.

The printed circuit board of the GFX card usually has the markings of where components go so if theres a marking where a capacitor should be i think we can say that its busted.

Also include what make and model number it is so we can all look for a circuit diagram of it online.

  terryf 11:57 28 Sep 2006

If the supplier says go ahead make sure that you have that in writing with an agreement that the supplier will be responsible for any damage caused by the 'faulty' card

  martjc 12:05 28 Sep 2006

...if its not obvious that a component is missing from the card, be wary. If it is obvious, send it back!

  [email protected] 12:30 28 Sep 2006

Cheers All

There is an obviious capacitor missing from the board (& another one that looks bent) - Must have happened prior to shipping/packing as I cant see how it could have happened in transit.

Bought from Dabs & they are being less than helpful with regards to shipping me out another one (even as a new order).

Any ideas who to email to get some action from them?

  [email protected] 12:31 28 Sep 2006

It was a XFX 7900GS XT for info!

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