New Graphics card consideration...

  Simsy 13:35 02 Nov 2005

Hi folks...

My PC has a 1.1gig Athlon, with 384 SDRAM, (soon to be 512). They both have a fsb of 100

I'm thinking of upgrading my graphics card. (currently a Matrox Millenium G400, which has 16Mg RAM) Do I have to match this when gettin g a new Grahics card?

For example, if the new card has DDR and is a different speed, will it work OK or cause a problem?

Mobo is an MSI K2 combo.

Thanks in anticipation,



  Gongoozler 15:04 02 Nov 2005

Hi Simsy. I think any AGP graphics card should be ok. The motherboard is specified as AGP 2x/4x compliant, but this just means that a 8x card will run at 4x.

  Simsy 15:37 02 Nov 2005

I suspected this was the case, but couldn't find anywhere to check...

Except here!!

Going to get cheap card from eBay, so need to be sure first.




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