New Graphics card connection to monitor.

  Sapins 17:28 26 May 2004

I have just opened the box to have a look at the new graphics card I have bought this afternoon and the plug to connect the monitor to, which it says is a 15pin VGA connector, is much smaller than the one at present in use with the installed graphics card.

Can I get an adapter/new cable, or have I bought the wrong card?

  hugh-265156 17:45 26 May 2004

any graphics cards vga connector i have seen is standard size as is any monitors

there is a long side and a short side

it may also have a dvi connector for tft screens these are standard sizes too

  hugh-265156 17:47 26 May 2004

for example click here

  hugh-265156 17:48 26 May 2004

better piccy click here blue connector

  Sapins 20:42 26 May 2004

Hi huggyg71, brilliant picture but my card is not the same. The round port on yours is near one end on mine, where the white port is on your picture and the small blue port is next to that, there is no white port at all on mine! My card is a Radeon 7000. The end of the monitor cable has a much larger blue plug, same kind of fitting though with 2 screw in fixings.

  Sapins 22:20 26 May 2004


  Sapins 08:41 27 May 2004


  hugh-265156 09:02 27 May 2004

it doesnt matter about the placement of the ports on the graphics card they are not all the same.some have vga on the left some on the right but they should be a shandard size.

piccys of various makes of radeon 7000 click here click here click here click here as you can see they all differ slightly in layout but they all have a standard vga connector.

  hugh-265156 09:05 27 May 2004

who is the manufactuter and is it pci or agp kind of 7000 you have?

  hugh-265156 09:20 27 May 2004

and make and model of monitor please sorry

  Sapins 10:11 27 May 2004

Ahem, Ahem, Ahem, to think I posted a thread on not tearing your hair out when you have a problem :-((

I decided to undo the monitor connection to look at the actual plug and would you believe it the plug fits the new card. What threw me, and I may as well have an excuse however feeble!, was the monitor cable plug looked much bigger than the port on the card.

I cannot apologise enough huggyg71. You must have thought you were dealing with the biggest novice in the forum.

I have installed the card and the drivers in 10 minutes I now have to adjust the monitor settings and that's it.

Sorry again and thanks for your patience and really good advice, even if because of me it was not getting us anywhere!



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