New graphics Card = Bluescreening

  jfar32 21:23 30 Oct 2007

Hi there,

Last week I put up a couple of queries regarding my need to upgrade my greaphics card to support two dvi outputs...

So. I decided to go for a GeForce 8600GT to replace the old 6800. In order to test the tv to make sure that it would receive a dvi to hdmi input I put in an asus 2400 pro (which could produce the required 1980 x 1080 output) This process resulted in one bluescreen but worked fine after I found and and uninstalled all the 6800 nvidia drivers)

But this evening, there has been a slight problem

Having uninstalled all the Asus drivers, I then put in the new 8600 Geforce. It booted fine, I installed the cd and begun trying to get the twin dvi to output to both the tv and monitor. I found that the first DVI slot worked fine with the monitor but got no signal from the second (to the tv) I swapped them around - no signal to the monitor this time.

Having removed the dvi to hdmi cable, I rebooted the pc, and now everytime the pc bluescreens after windows has finished loading - icons at the bottom left are all there, and just around the time when the egg-timer should finish, it crashes.

I can't seem to locate the new installed drivers for the 8600 - which I assume I should remove before installing it agan. Is this the right way to approach the issue? If so, how can i find them (I tend to press windows and pg break to bring up hardware , and go from there)

If you think it could be something else, please let me know,



  X™ 22:33 30 Oct 2007

Click F8 to boot into Safe mode at start up, JUST after your PC boots, and/or beeps once. Choose Safe mode and log in via Administrator, or your account. Uninstall all drivers and reboot. Windows should then instal defult drivers, then update.

Let us know how it goes.

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