New Graphics card £50 max

  lossie 08:57 23 Jan 2010

I am looking for a new card to replace an Nvidia 8400. My psu is 350watts but I can't see anyone listing power requirements on their sites. I have an intel quad core processor. Any advice would be great.

  gengiscant 09:10 23 Jan 2010

You could overclock your card, but whatever you decide, your PSU is really not much use to you and really needs upgrading before you look at upgrading your graphics card.

  OTT_B 09:21 23 Jan 2010

Try an Nvidia 9600GSO. Doesn't require a dedicated power supply and a good whack better than the 8400 range.

click here for a Power Supply Calculator. You might well be Ok with the one you have if it's a good one.

  OTT_B 09:28 23 Jan 2010

click here looks like an Ok deal for a 9600GT.

  JohnWilliams 14:33 23 Jan 2010

A PSU upgrade is crucial if you want a better graphics card. A good graphics card (9800gt at least) coupled with a good PSU and your quad core CPU could end up being a pretty good system.

  JohnWilliams 14:34 23 Jan 2010

Look on ebay, you'll get a much better deal on graphics cards there.

  retep888 14:44 23 Jan 2010

lossie only wants to spend upto £50 for best power and performance and I think OTT_B has given the best options and suggestions.

I'd rather spend money on a lesser power but new card than a more powerful card(used ? or claimed to be new?)on ebay. :-)

  lossie 15:35 27 Jan 2010

Thanks OTT_B followed your advice and all sorted

  GaT7 16:21 27 Jan 2010

Does your PSU have a dedicated 6-pin PCI-E power connector?

What's the make & model of your PC?

"I'd rather spend money on a lesser power but new card than a more powerful card"

Yes, I agree with that.

I'm concerned whether your PSU will be good enough for the 9600GT. G

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