New graphics card?

  homer 18:58 20 Aug 2006

I currently have Geforce4 MX integrated graphics facility at 64mb (onboard I believe). This seems to work fine for most of the games I have : COD2 however I have noticed I have been unable to play new demos of games like Hitman Blood Money and Champ Manager as the screen just goes blank and switches back to desktop when launching.... is this a sign I need to upgrade to a better card? Have downloaded the latest drivers but still no good... any advice/recommendations appreciated.thanks

  FelixTCat 19:11 20 Aug 2006


Integrated graphics are, without exception, incapable of playing modern games at reasonable resolution and frame rates.

You can get a card that will play modern games for about £80 or one that will play them well for £150

If you must play them at max speed and resolution, a card will cost up to £400



  Brian2001 19:31 20 Aug 2006

You can find some great deals on decent graphics cards here click here
And like the site says, they deliver next day.

  Totally-braindead 21:08 20 Aug 2006

The thing you must work out is whether you have an AGP port, a PCI Express port or nothing. If its AGP or PCI Express then you just buy the relevant card. However if you haven't got a graphics port at all then basically you're stuck.
You can get PCI (this is not the same thing as PCI Express by the way, its totally different) but its unlikely it would be much improvement and it would be pricey for what you get.
Download this click here it should tell you the make and model of your motherboard. Go to the motherboard manufacturers website and see what it says. Alternatively and easier look in your manual.

  homer 21:48 20 Aug 2006

Thats a neat little program thanks. According to SIW I have x3 pci and 1 agp slots on the motherboard. Ideally I am looking for a cheap graphics card that will allow me to play some of these games... just find it odd i can play COD 2 etc but not some of the new demos like hitman etc.

  gudgulf 22:00 20 Aug 2006

It's not odd that you can plat CoD2 at all........If the game detects a low spec graphics card it defaults to DirectX 7.0 rendering which is not taxing for any card.

Guess what?

Your card is a DirectX 7.0 based card and can therefore run the game quite well.

Most recent games wont do this and ,since your card doesn't support the latest DirectX version, if the game does not allow for running at the older standard it wont start up.

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