New Graffix Card

  teknikz 20:17 01 Jul 2004

ive just got a 128MB Nvidia Geforce fx 5200 card to replace my 64MB geforce 4 mmx card.....ive installed it the way the manual tells me with the drivers n everything but when i play a game its quite jerky......ive got an athlon 2000+ processor and 256 MB of ddr ram which the games says is recomended. what can i do to make the jerking stop.....its as if the game ran better on the old card

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:29 01 Jul 2004

check hardware acceleration is set to max

  teknikz 20:31 01 Jul 2004 do i do that....what do i do?

  teknikz 20:51 01 Jul 2004

can any1 help me?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:56 01 Jul 2004

right click destop and select display properties > settings > advanced >troubleshoot

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:57 01 Jul 2004

sorry about the delay lost my broadband connection there for awhile.

  kakellie 21:05 01 Jul 2004

the fx 5200 is not really any good for playing the latest games ive got a 2600xp athlon 1 gig of ddr2700 ram i had a fx 5200 and the new games eg far cry would only just be playable the geoforce4 mmx is on par with a fx5200 if not a little better but the fx is compatable with the latest dx9 games if you want to play the latest games with good quality its a different card you need

  teknikz 21:07 01 Jul 2004

just checked and it is set to max :(

  teknikz 21:10 01 Jul 2004

awwww you're jokin......i was told that i wouldnt have a problem with any games what so ever

  jonnytub 21:10 01 Jul 2004

used to have an fx5200, go to windows update and grab the driver update for it, if you haven't already.

  Mister Splendid 21:10 01 Jul 2004

To make games run smoothly with an fx5200 you are going to have to keep detail levels in games low, disable special effects and not use anti-aliasing. It will also help if you set the resolution low and don't to play which are graphically demanding.

Alternatively buy a faster graphics card.

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