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New GPU not booting the pc up

  Firefighterlife 21:53 01 Dec 2019

So I upgraded my GPU from a GTX 1050Ti to a GTX 1650 gaming OC, upon installation I realized I didnt have a 6 pin cable coming from my PSU. I then went and purchased a PSU which did.

Then I installed the GPU correctly after re connecting my cables correctly also. I just get a single beep and then the start up screen appears but it wont move past that, it may go to a black screen but it will switch between the two and not start up at all.

I re installed my old GPU to make sure it's nothing I've done whilst replacing my PSU, but the 1050 is working fine just as normal. The new GPU does light up with the 'Gigabyte' logo cycling between colours as it should, and the fans will run fine on it.

I've tried uninstalling my drivers and checking for updates on my motherboard bios and also If the GPU is supported by the mobo which it is. I'm literally stumped and dont know what to do at this point. Any help would be appreciated!

I've searched for hours for solutions online and cant find anything helpful at all. And yes, my HDMI is plugged in correctly and the GPU is also.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:36 02 Dec 2019

HDD or SSD? looks like it can't find the op system to boot from.

Drives connected and powered properly?

  ICF 18:24 03 Dec 2019

Is the new power supply Fully Modular one? If it is have you plugged the six pin connector into the correct output on PSU

  Firefighterlife 09:14 04 Dec 2019


Even though my MOBO said the new GC was compatible with it, it really wasnt, there wasnt enough power coming from the MOBO to power the GC up..

I've upgraded my full system and got a new PC as the new mobo would have cost around £400 with everything I needed and it was overdue an upgrade anyway.

Thanks for the help!

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