new GPU installation/no signal issues

  Tom21 15:52 07 Jun 2018


I bought a new GPU (Palit Jetstream GTX 1060) to replace my Asus Strix 960. I uninstalled the drivers, as was advised on another website, removed the old GPU, and installed the new 1060. The 1060 came with (forgive me, I'm not as familiar as I should be with cables and such things) what I assume is the PCI cable, a black 6 pin going to two white 3 pin (the cable is very short, it doesn't reach my PSU, so I didn't actually use it). Everything seemed to go into place with no problem, I then went to boot my PC and the monitor received no signal, despite everything running as normal. (All fans running, all LEDs on motherboard and new GPU on, no beep codes).

I decided to try my old GPU to update the BIOS as some articles recommended, but there is still no signal, neither on HDMI or DP. Even when using my old GPU and everything internally set back to how it was before trying to install my new GPU. I have also noticed that my keyboard and mouse now don't seem to receive any power, the LEDs now do not turn on as they did before when the PC booted. If anybody could advise on how best to proceed from here, I'd greatly appreciate it.

My build is:

MSI 970 motherboard Corsair 650M PSU AMD 6350FX CPU (Not 100% sure be advised) Asus Strix GTX 960

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:39 07 Jun 2018

a black 6 pin going to two white 3 pin (the cable is very short, it doesn't reach my PSU, so I didn't actually use it).

You need to power the card to make it work.

click here pages 8 -10

  Tom21 19:27 07 Jun 2018

I know about powering the card and everything, but there's nothing I can physically plug this cable into, it's too short to reach my mobo or PSU, it looks like an adapter for something, but I don't know what. I can attach a picture if it makes it easier to identify. I tried using the PCI cable from my old GPU and it seemed to power the 1060. Unfortunately I can't change anything on the software side because I still have a no signal issue with my old GPU too.

  wee eddie 21:00 07 Jun 2018

You'll need to buy a longer cable.

There should be 2, 3 pin, sockets on your MOBO and 1, 6 pin, on the card.

All need to be connected

  Tom21 21:14 07 Jun 2018

there's a six pin on the card, but I can't actually find any three pin ports? On the mobo that it could be plugged into. I'm more concerned that I can't even get my old GPU to work at this point than the new. Could this be a PSU problem? Could it have been damaged from putting too much demand on it? I'd be happy with getting my old GPU to work at this point. Due to my keyboard and mouse not being registered, it makes me think it could be a PSU issue, should I replace my current one and see if that helps? I don't have any way of testing my current one without buying more kit anyway.

  wee eddie 21:34 07 Jun 2018

Many apologies. It should not attached to the MOBO. It should be attached to the Power Supply.

Mind not working correctly

  Tom21 21:50 07 Jun 2018

Everything's attached, at least according to how my old GPU was installed, 6 pin PCI/E ti 8pin and all. I'm just getting no signal on my monitor. And as I said, old GPU is not working now either, I'm not sure if my PCU was damaged during the upgrade or what. But I'm not sure what the best course of action is from now.

  easytechtrick 14:23 08 Jun 2018

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