New Gaming PC Under-performin - help me pin-point!

  Dobrodziej 22:54 08 May 2017

Hi everyone!

To start off I just want to say by all means I'm not an expert, more of a hobbyist when it comes down to PC's. Everything I know I just google. After three years of savings I went big (for my budget) and bought parts for a gaming rig I always wished for. I also have a small youtube gaming channel with a solid audience, so I hoped to boost the quality up for the viewers too.

Anyways, this is the specs I got:

Intel i7-6800K 3.40GHz Asus Strix X99 Gaming Intel Motherboard Asus GeForce GTX 1080Ti ROG Strix OC 11264MB GDDR5X Corsair Vengeance 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 2666MHz Samsung 960 EVO Polaris 500GB M.2 Samsung 1.0TB 850 EVO SSD 2.5" Corsair RM Series RM650X '80+ Gold' 650W NZXT Kraken X62, 280mm ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 27 inch WQHD Gaming Monitor (2560 x 1440, IPS, up to 165 Hz, DP, HDMI, USB 3.0, G-Sync) Second monitor Samsung S22D300 (just a standard 1080p monitor)

Running Windows 10

The issue is the PC is really under-performing for what it is. In various games I am getting sometimes below half of what I should with a rig like that. I use OBS (18.0.1 version) to record gameplays - yeah, I'm that strange guy that enjoys talking to a camera as he games - and the performance FPS wise during recording is not much better to my 740M I had in my old laptop I've been using for 4 years nearly.

I will use GTAV and The Forest as two examples in this thread. I used MSI Afterburner to measure in game performance and also will include some HWMonitor Screenshots and some SystemMark and Unigine Valley tests for any top-man that can help me pin-point as otherwise I'm sending it all back including with the case in few days, which breaks my heart.

Here's some things I HAVE ALREADY TRIED AND IT DIDN'T WORK: - DDU Nvidia drivers and re-install to newest and one version back. Both didn't work. - Reinstall Windows. - Update BIOS. - Switch off DVR in some **ty Win10 xbox app. - Turn power management in windows and nvidia to max performance - Uninstall GeForce Experience and just game without it. - Switch off Nvidia gameplay recording software (which is crap anyway, btw.) - Switch off v-sync in games - Disconnect my 1080p monitor and try to game only on my 2k monitor. - Gaming without recording gives more FPS but still heavily underperforms (i.e GTA 75-80 FPS, the Forest 50-60 FPS which is still bad and useless as I only game as I record)

That's all I can remember from last 3 days of trying to pin point what's going on here.

Some screenshots: click here - Unigine Valley Score on Ultra click here - SystemMark Results

click here - The Forest Afterburner Data while recording gameplay

click here - GTA 5 Afterburner Data while recording gameplay

click here - GTA 5 HWMonitor Data 001 click here - GTA 5 HWMonitor Data 002

click here - The Forest HWMonitor Data 001 click here - The Forest HWMonitor Data 002

That's it. If someone knowledgeable enough could help me pin-point why a £3500 rig is performing utter-crap I would be very grateful and it would save me sending the whole lot back as oppose one part that is faulty here. I assume it's a hardware issue but I just don't know is it the GPU, CPU or not enough power. It's been really frustrating couple of days.

Thank you to everyone who will spend their time on trying to help me!

  Dobrodziej 23:24 08 May 2017

Hi, thanks for reply. Unfortunately no mismatch detected. DxDiag threw no issues and also Memory Test tool on start up completed without any errors. :(

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