New full version or upgrade?

  rdh660 00:59 08 Oct 2003

I already have a full version of Powerquest Drive Image 2002. I have recently installed Windows XP and think I might upgrade to Drive Image version 7.

The Upgrade version is five pounds cheaper than the full version.

Is there any advantage in buying the full version over the upgrade?.... If I buy the upgrade does that mean I must keep hold of the old version and cannot sell it?

Thanks in anticipation

  krypt1c 01:56 08 Oct 2003

The V7 upgrade will require you to have a qualifying version already installed, in your case 2002. If you are confident you will never need to re-install your o/s you can go for the upgrade version and pass your 2002 version on. Are you that confident ? It's your call ;-))

  hoverman 06:58 08 Oct 2003

Surely, if rdh1 retains Version 7 and ever needs to do an o/s re-install, he can install Version 7 followed by the Upgrade version. Or am I missing something?

  DieSse 10:05 08 Oct 2003

For the sake of a fiver it's not worth any hint of inconvenience or hassle - get the full version - then you can sell the old one wth confidence that you will never need it.

  leo49 10:27 08 Oct 2003

Drive Image 2002 works fine with XP - I wouldn't bother to upgrade at all.

  rdh660 12:18 08 Oct 2003

Thanks everyone.
I agree for a fiver it's not worth bothering about really but maybe Leo 49 is right and I don't need to bother at all !!...must look more closely at whether the 'improvements' promised by the new version over 2002 are worth the cash.

Thanks again everybody
regards Rob

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