New Fujitsu Amilo Laptop problem.

  pj123 18:37 10 May 2006

Apologies for a vague title.

Just been to a friend who has bought this laptop about a month ago. click here

He is upset that when he opens a photo from his digital camera via a card reader it is very wide and narrow. Nothing like how it shows on his Desktop PC. He is asking me how to keep the Aspect Ratio. I know nothing about laptops and even less about Win XP. I have suggested that as this Laptop is "Wide View" and his desktop is "standard" that is the problem. He won't accept that and is adamant that there must be somewhere on the laptop that can show a photo that is, say, 6 x 4 as that and not 8 x 3.

Can anyone help please?

  woodchip 18:41 10 May 2006

Right click the Desktop\Properties\settings check the resolution settings that are available

  pj123 18:59 10 May 2006

The resolution is set at 1024 x 768 at the moment. He has tried other resolutions but it makes no difference. I am not with him now so everything has to be done by phone or email until I go to his house again (which will be, at the moment, 24th May).

His desktop is running Win 98SE with a 17 inch monitor and resolution set at 1024 x 768 and he uses (amongst others) Photoshop 7 but he has a free CD with Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 which he has installed on the Laptop. He is very upset that the same photo on the laptop is not the same as it is shown on his desktop

  woodchip 19:10 10 May 2006

It just sounds like it's set to letter box size. This a Presume is a Wide Screen Laptop

  Totally-braindead 19:11 10 May 2006

Logged for my info, I'm kind of curious about this as well if theres a solution. I had been considering a widescreen monitor but was wondering about this.

  pj123 20:36 10 May 2006

The laptop is obviously set to 16:9 as opposed to his desktop with 17 inch CRT which is on 4:3

Is there a way to switch the laptop to 4:3 just for the photo problem?

  woodchip 20:39 10 May 2006

Will it set to 800x600

  pj123 21:07 10 May 2006

woodchip, yes we tried that today. The only difference was the picture was bigger but still in "letterbox" format.

Personally I don't think there is going to be a solution to this. He bought a 16:9 computer and he will have to live with it.

Just for information. Regardless of how the picture shows on the laptop it still prints properly, and in the normal aspect ratio. So if he prints the picture from his desktop and then the same picture from the laptop the result is the same.

  woodchip 21:10 10 May 2006

I now know not to get Wide screen monitors other than TV

  Hertz Van Rentyl 21:31 10 May 2006

I have a Sony VAIO with 15.4 inch widescreen set at 1280 x 800. Just tried a pic download as you had me worried, pictures look the same as on 19inch TFT so may I suggest it is not a widescreen problem. There is no settings for widescreen or normal, just a list of resolutions available.

  siouxah1 21:36 10 May 2006

have read your post with interest. Just a comment which I do not think will solve your problem, but deepen the mystery.

I have as most will remember from my posts an Advent laptop with widescreen.

I have just looked at a scanned circle on my 19" 4:3 LCD and on the widescreen of the laptop. I would say that the circle looks like a circle on both screens.

Perhaps a little elongated top to bottom, but very, very little. I would have thought that a photo of given pixel size would show correctly no matter which screen was used unless the width pixels are misreported.


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