New Free Zone Alarm- installation problem

  newearwax 21:43 31 Mar 2007

The latest free Zone Alarm is available and I have had no success in installing it, as I get the following message at about 1/3rds way through,
"You do not have access to make the required system configuration. Please rerun the installation from an administrator’s account.".
I am the sole user of my computer and am also the administrator, so am completely baffled why I am being refused.
Can some kind soul help me out, or if not suggest and alternative free firewall program? Thanks.

  driving man 21:54 31 Mar 2007

suggest you uninstall Z A and then do a new install. Eventually you will be asked a few questions and then prompted to reboot. Someone this day suggested a link ---- search and follow it.
Must admit had no trouble with my update though

  Fingees 22:17 31 Mar 2007

Check accounts, in control panel.

You just may have another account put there by a program.

If so erase it, and you will then be OK.

I've had it happen twice .

  newearwax 23:01 31 Mar 2007

Aprt from my account the only other is Guest which is turned off. Cannot see way to wease that.

  newearwax 23:09 31 Mar 2007

Have tried an uninstall and clean install but with same results. Last time by coincidence or not I was unable to access net and I wondered if the half installed ZA might be causing a problem. Funny but although the installation appeared to have failed, it was in list in Add remove in Control Panel. I removed it and internet connection is now OK. All seems too fishy to be a coincidence.

TBH I'm wary of trying again, and peraps an alternative will be the anwer.

I'm away for a few says, so if I do npt respond, it isn;t bad manners.

Thannks to all so far.

  ^wave^ 23:42 31 Mar 2007

tried version 7 and the free vesion blocks im irc so i have gone back to version 6 by the look of things ver 7 is buggy but i think they want you to buy the pro version comodo is a good alternative

  chocolate cake 00:33 01 Apr 2007

This might help click here

unfortunately it involves removing all elements of your previous installs, but if it means getting ZA back up and running properly.

  laurie53 07:15 01 Apr 2007

Just for the record, I have had to go back to v 6.

I kept getting the blue screen "Windows has been shut down - memory dump" and the file referred was a ZA file


  SURVEY 09:34 02 Apr 2007

laurie53 - you may note from my postings of yesterday and today that I had the same problems - memory dump etc. I had to clean all sorts of files and registry entries out before I could go back and reload Zonealarm 6. I shall stick with this in future rather than trust their buggy updates.

  dazza39 14:42 02 Apr 2007

I use Zonealarm,but rather uninstall each version just leave it on and update when new versions arrive,saves a lot of hassle.

  SURVEY 17:41 02 Apr 2007

dazza39 - and that is exactly what I tried to do with the latest update and teh update on thi occasion caused my problem. Uninstalling also made a mess!

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