A New Free Photo Account

  Crosstrainer2 17:18 11 Jul 2011

I have a very old photobucket account which I logged into today. I find the site is now full of iffy ads and the like, an I would like to start afresh with something new.

I need to be able to use it with imac, ipad, iphone and Windows 7 64

Any recommendations?

  hssutton 20:37 11 Jul 2011

Have a look at Adobes Photoshop Express

link text

Here's a sample of what you can do

[link text][2]

[2]: Here's a sample http://www.photoshop.com/users/hssutton

  Crosstrainer2 01:32 12 Jul 2011

It looks great, but uses Flash. iMac, iPad, iPhone ATV. Don't, and Apple have no plans to change this anytime soon, so it's not for me I'm afraid, thanks for the link though!

Any other suggestions?

  peter99co 11:36 12 Jul 2011


What an album! You must be very proud.

Well done and thanks for the links.

I feel the same way as Crosstrainer2

  hssutton 13:27 12 Jul 2011

Sorry Crosstrainer, I was under the impression that 'webware' would run on a Mac.

Peter thanks for the comment.

  Crosstrainer2 14:23 12 Jul 2011

No problems looks like I may be stuck with photobucket :((

  hssutton 19:08 12 Jul 2011

I agree with you regarding Photobucket, I've still got a few photos on there, but not for much longer

  peter99co 23:00 12 Jul 2011

If I use Photoshop Elements 8

I find I do not need Express or is it an additional 'element'?

Should I use it?

I see Elements 8 shares to online 'Showcase.'

I had a Photobucket account before Element 8 was supplied with a camera I bought.

Very confused now!

  Forum Editor 23:02 12 Jul 2011

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  retep888™ 09:53 13 Jul 2011


Try Imageshack http://imageshack.us/ it works very well in both Mac & Windows.

For mobile units, you have to download uploader apps for ipad/iphone/ipod touch etc;


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