Is the new free Opera producing spyware

  rawprawn 10:13 22 Sep 2005

Since I downloaded and started using Opera, each time I scan I am finding between 5 and 9 different adware. These include Media Motor, assistant, Trojan Downloader.win232 and others. I didn't have this problem before. Anyone else noticed an increase in spyware? I am going to stop using Opera for a while and see what happens.

  rawprawn 16:08 22 Sep 2005


  octal 17:43 22 Sep 2005

It doesn't make sense, why would they want do that? I have the Linux version and have found nothing untoward when I ran my AV.

  rawprawn 18:20 22 Sep 2005

I agree, however the only other thing that has changed on my computer is a new monitor, and I can't believe it is that.I have not visited any "dodgy pages" I just can't figure out where they are comming from. I am used to picking up the odd Data miner or Avenue, but this I don't understand.

Obviously since nobody else has come back, there must be another reason besides Opera, as I know quite a lot of people downloaded it when it became "Free"

  octal 18:51 22 Sep 2005

I must admit, I've still got IE on my Linux machine because I run MS Office by necessity, I visited ONE site with it and I got a Trojan. So it shows how easy it is.

That reminds me, I must remove it, the poor little thing doesn't know what to do with itself, so I'll put it out of its misery.

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