New Found Hardware Mystery

  Alan Ryan 14:37 27 Jun 2005

Immediately after booting up, the New Found Hardware Wizard pops up to inform me that a cable modem has been "detected". Well, it should be - it's been connected for the last 18 months.
At this point I notice the syetem has failed to go online.

If I reboot, the problem is usually cleared up - but is there a permanent fix for this mild nuisance ?

I'm using XP Home with a cable modem on broadband.

Any advice ?

  zarobian 15:16 27 Jun 2005

Remove the power from your cable modem and reconnect it back after 2/3 minutes. It will reset the modem. Hope it works for you.

  Alan Ryan 15:39 27 Jun 2005

OK. Thanks. Is this a permanent "fix" or just for one time only ?

Any idea what's going on in the system background that's causing the problem ?

  Stuartli 15:42 27 Jun 2005

It happens to me occasionally - unplugging and plugging in the USB modem usually cures it, but allow time for the modem to initialise again.

  rawprawn 16:04 27 Jun 2005

I'm the same as Stuartli, I have a Sagem [email protected] 800-840 modem from Tiscali. They all seem to suffer with no permanent cure that I know of.

  Stuartli 18:50 27 Jun 2005

You got it in one...:-)

That's with the latest drivers as well. Most of the time the modem performs faultlessly, then will have the occasional hiccup once a week or so.

Tiscali suggests on its Help page that one of the reasons for disconnections could be using a telephone extension before the 3m data RJ45 cable, but I've got a 10m data cable direct to the modem from the Master Telephone Socket.

In any case my son uses a 20m telephone extension cable to the top floor for his BB link and rarely suffers from disconnections.

  zarobian 13:02 28 Jun 2005

It should fix the problem.

I prefer LAN connection then USB which is more reliable and independent of other hardware using USB ports.

  zarobian 18:17 01 Jul 2005

Is your problem solved? If so please close this thread by placing a tick in the resolved box. Thanks.


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