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New flatbe photo scanner needed

  tonyq 16:24 28 Jul 2018

Hi, I am having problems with my Epson Perfection 3490 Photo scanner, think it is lamp, but cannot find out how to replace it, had it quite a few years so may be time for a replacement for home use. Looking for suggestions thinking Epson or Canon, will be used for photos and documents.

  AroundAgain 22:13 28 Jul 2018

I have the Canon 220 LIDE, had it for a couple of years now, and have no problems with it. I'd recommend it.

I have it running on Win 10 but had it also running on Win 7 & 8 before that.

Not too expensive - £69.99 in Currys / £54.99 Amazon; both free delivery

  tonyq 09:28 29 Jul 2018

AroundAgain, thank you for the suggestion, had a look on Canon site click here and it sounded ok but has No Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which I would like to have.

  AroundAgain 11:50 30 Jul 2018

Does OCR not come with the package?

I don't use it so didn't consider that.

How about a free download, such as here click here

  tonyq 14:24 30 Jul 2018

I have already ordered the Perfection V370 A4 Photo Scanner,from Jessops £99.99 at least £30 cheaper than most places, but thank you anyway.

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