New Flash player and Uninstaller

  mooly 08:25 21 Sep 2010

New Flash version available and a new uninstaller to do a "clean install" which I always do with Flash player.

Remember to untick the Google toolbar option if you don't want it.

click here

click here

  birdface 08:59 21 Sep 2010

Ok mooly just updated both of mine.Thanks

  sunnystaines 09:24 21 Sep 2010

tried your link for flash player but got this version already installed, so reloaded to play safe, thanks.

  TonyV 11:54 21 Sep 2010

I checked my version and it was a wee bit away from the one that was to be downloaded. I therefore used your un-install link and got rid, then all hell broke loose. I could not install the new version because every time Adobe came up it was saying it was malicious and IE had prevented the page from opening. I have Adobe listed as an acceptable site, but that had no effect whatever.

Eventually, on a site that needed the Flash element, I managed to get it to accept the installation, when a window came up asking me to install it, by very quickly clicking on the download window and managing to get it to accept Adobe. This took an eternity to complete because of the speed the window closed and told me to go forth and multiply!

I think it has installed, but what a palaver. I shall wait next time and get it to do it automatically!


  TonyV 11:55 21 Sep 2010

Mine is XP SP3, IE8.


  mooly 12:07 21 Sep 2010

Don't know what's happened there TonyV... I use IE8 and Vista but no issues at all.
Must be something in your security configurations or settings I guess.

  TonyV 13:11 21 Sep 2010

As far as I can see, the latest version that I have showing is, which is why I tried to update it. In fact, it is still the same as the one I un-installed!!

I'll perhaps have another go with your update link and see what happens. I'll not bother with the uninstall of the one already on!



  TonyV 13:17 21 Sep 2010

I have just tried again, and nothing happens, no warnings, no windows, no update. I'll leave as is!



  TonyV 13:28 21 Sep 2010

I have been to another site after searching for Flash Player and downloaded that one which is listed as Flash Player Plugin I also have a Flash Player 10 ActiveX which is listed as I'll leave them both on, but presumably, the link you gave is the Plug-in one?



  anniesboy 14:41 21 Sep 2010

There are new updates now. For IE and non IE

click here
click here

  mooly 18:45 21 Sep 2010

I checked mine in both "installed programs" and also from IE8 "Tools" and "Manage add ons" before doing anything and my old version was like yours

Then I just ran the uninstaller, and followed up with the new install from the Adobe site... new version installed OK.

Don't know why yours is causing problems... can't really think of anything.

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