New External Hard Drive, Best way to use it

  russmini 21:12 21 Jul 2009

Bought a WD External Hard Drive the other day and have connected it up etc, but...

Whats the best way to Copy/Back Up to it ?

I want to put all my Pictures, Music and Video on it, but not sure of the best way. Want to be able to regularly update it. I'm really after something where i just tell it to do it and it does all the new stuff that i've put on the computer.

Cheers, Russ.

  The Kestrel 21:30 21 Jul 2009

If you want to make an image of your internal hard drive that contains not just your files, but the operating system etc, you will need a program like Acronis true image. The advantage of this is that should your PC crash or hard drive become corrupted you have a complete copy of your hard drive to put back. If you simply want to back-up files, including pictures music etc., there is probably software on the new external drive. If you are using Vista as your OS, then you can use the Back-up & Restore Centre to do this and can also schedule this to happen on a regular basis.

  russmini 21:51 21 Jul 2009

Cheers for that, did see the Vista Backup and restore and thought that might be a good idea.

What i would Really like to do is Copy my Pics, Music and Video over. Then i would like to delete it off my computer hard drive. I want to free up space and keep it minimal on there.

But my Worry is that something goes wrong and i lose some/all of my Pics (the other 2 are easily re-done).

  Pamy 22:18 21 Jul 2009

Hi, yes you can copy over your pics etc to your new external drive but if that ever fails you have lost them. You could also copy them to DVD's.

  Stuartli 23:19 21 Jul 2009

Karen Kenworthy's freeware programs are well respected, including the backup titled Replicator. See:

click here

But I would echo Pamy's advice to have another backup (or even better two) as well as the external hard drive.

Things usually go wrong when you don't expect it....

  woodchip 23:20 21 Jul 2009

you can just right click and drag from one drive to other then choose copy

  Diemmess 08:51 22 Jul 2009

" I'm really after something where i just tell it to do it and it does all the new stuff that i've put on the computer."

This is a handy little program which does just that.
click here

  Stuartli 09:30 22 Jul 2009

Incremental backup is available in Karen's Replicator.

  Stuartli 09:31 22 Jul 2009

My Seagate One Touch external hard drive came with CMD's BounceBack program - I use it once a week for an incremental backup, which takes about 10 minutes overall.

  russmini 09:40 22 Jul 2009

Ok, did the Windows Backup last night and i have to say i'm a bit dissapointed with it. Had to leave it running in the end cause of the time it was taking, but was hoping to come down this morning and it had copied what i wanted, how i wanted...
The problem is, it names everything (in my eyes) silly.
I presumed it would just copy identically, oh well.
Diemmess, the link you put just takes me to various links for different programs, anychance you could tell me which one it was you were suggesting. Cheers.

Thank You All for the help so far.


  Andsome 10:12 22 Jul 2009

To save pictures etc to an external drive you can as already suggested drag and drop. Another way is to highlight something then edit/select all/file/save as, then select the hard drive and save to it.

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