new external drive with vista wont "safely remove"

  theDarkness 20:02 19 Mar 2011

Using safely remove/eject in vista, unlocker/similar unlocking programs, or clicking on safely remove - often doesnt work at all when trying to eject an external drive (usually a usb hard drive). There are no visible processes still on relating to the drive, and unlocking programs tell me that the drive is not being used (which is correct). When logging out or shutting down, windows has no issues, and I do not receive messages on screen telling me that a shutdown isnt possible because of any connected usb hardware. S to force a removal, should simply shutting down or logging out be ok before taking out its usb cable be safe enough to get around this issue? Or do I risk damage or data loss? There is no other way to get around the problem, I can wait 20 mins and the usb hd still wont eject, and no unlocker software helps.

  MAJ 20:17 19 Mar 2011

I rarely use "Safely Remove". As long as you aren't writing to the drive you will be okay to unplug it. USB is hot-swappable.

  rdave13 20:39 19 Mar 2011

Check the drive is set to quick removal. When plugged in go to computer, right click the usb drive, properties, hardware tab, select the usb drive, properties again then policies. If you use the 'better performance' then you have to use the safely remove hardware icon. On quick removal (default) then it shows you can safely remove it without using the 'safely remove hardware' icon.
I always use the safely remove icon just in case. If not allowing to remove I will log off, remove the drive and log back in. Better safe than lost data I think.

  woodchip 21:57 19 Mar 2011

Make sure System Restore is not monitoring the drive, also click on another drive before trying safe remover

  rdave13 22:25 19 Mar 2011

Will try clicking on another drive (in 'computer') next time Vista won't play ball. Thanks for the tip.

  theDarkness 12:33 20 Mar 2011

I gave up and logged off before removing the cable in the end, if this is a safe way to go about it (when none of the above works) then thats ok, but it seems to happen more with one external drive more than another, very frustrating. I dont want to just take the cable out when I think nothing is writing to the drive, usually just in case vista is either slow in writing, or decides to write to it for no reason, lol, you never know. thanks :)

If I dont have 'advanced performance' for quick removal selected, as rdave suggests, then is there really a difference between eject and safely remove?

  lotvic 13:43 20 Mar 2011

It might be the disk indexing that is the problem.
You can disable disk indexing for the ext usb drive click here

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