New ext HDD will not allow PC to boot up correctly

  dreamer (|:-)> 16:13 21 Jun 2006

Recently got a Buffalo 250GB external hard drive for backup purposes, connected by USB 1.1. Is allowed to either be permanently powered on or can set a switch so that comes on when PC switched on and USB detects, via monitor hub, PC is starting.
However, in neither configuration will the PC actually boot up correctly, it just hangs after the same point in sequence each time i.e. after CD drives detected. So I have to switch power on after PC correctly booted up.
Wonder whether problem may be due to BIOS settings & USB but not certain where to start/meddle - any ideas please?

  mattyc_92 16:15 21 Jun 2006

It's the BIOS settings

Disable the "Boot Other" option and disable the power to USB accessories until Windows is loaded

  dreamer (|:-)> 11:02 22 Jun 2006

those options are not immediately apparent in my BIOS.
Which is Award Software and has Standard CMOS and Advanced BIOS amongst other sections.
There is no "Boot Other" option and no "disable the power to USB accessories until Windows is loaded" option that I can see.
They may be 'hidden' behind other phrases, and I've tried a few things, but no change yet.
Any other more descriptive help out there please?

  FatboySlim71 11:08 22 Jun 2006

I have an external hard drive, but I think that it slows the pc down at loading up when its connected up all the time. Personally I just connect it to the PC when I need to use it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:11 22 Jun 2006

You need to disable anything that looks like Boot from USB device or boot from other device.

Only allow booting from CDrom floppy and hard drive.

Probably somewhere under Advanced settings.

click here

  wee eddie 16:12 22 Jun 2006

Rather like FatboySlim71, I only connect my External Drive when I need it.

As it is 350GB, the PC tries to check it before moving on to the next part of its opening up process. It took ages with USB 2 so USB1 will take an age.

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