B.J. 15:13 15 Aug 2008

OK.Thanks to you folks I've got a quick PC again(Crap cleaner....fantastic) I've backed up all my photos onto disks now I'm buying an external hard drive to store all my photos on (still backing 'em up mind) Do I put onto my new drive my Google photo programme, Picassa and my pics then into that.(All on my new ext'hard drive)?
PS. folks, is there a really FREE directory sorter outer ?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:12 15 Aug 2008

No just back up you pics to the new drive nd let google or picassa find them.

  B.J. 07:38 16 Aug 2008

Thanks Fruit Bat, I see your thinkin'. I just wondered whether getting Picassa off drive C would add to it's speed. (I mean by reducing the ammount of files held on C). My PC was really gummed up and nearly stopped but now it's fast again. So now I'm a speed fanatic !
Any FREE directory sorter ?

  john bunyan 08:19 16 Aug 2008

I reccomend Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.2. It is free click here

  FatboySlim71 09:11 16 Aug 2008

I backed up some pictures a while back to CD and after a couple of years the disk was not readable, so do not put anything important that you couldn't bear losing on to CD, my opinion is that optical media (CD, DVD) is not a reliable long term storage media.

Since losing my pictures I now do these two things,

1: Any pictures I want I get them printed off.

2: I upload my pictures to a photo sharing site called FlickR, this securely stores your pictures and if you want, you can mark your photos so that anyone can look at them or mark them private and then there is only you that can look at them.

FlickR is free to use, but the free version has a 100 mb a month upload limit and some other limitations. The Pro (paid for) version costs around £15 per year and has no limitations. I have used FlickR for around 4 years and I have had no problems.

click here

  B.J. 13:45 16 Aug 2008

Thanks everybody I've got something to think about when my disk arrives and I'm playing....I might be back.....but thanks again !

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