new email required as freeserve will not be avaibl

  Keith Farman 20:09 03 Apr 2017

As my freeserve account will no longer be i am trying to import my mail to GMAIL they want to know my ,,pop username and pop server which i do not know i have been trying to give my password but it will not except , i have written to them on their pages but they keep sending my letters back because i not got a mobile phone , any help please

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:31 03 Apr 2017

From EE help

Here's how to import into Gmail:

  1. Login to Gmail
  2. Choose settings (top right hand corner)
  3. Select ‘Accounts and Import’
  4. Select ‘Import Mail and Contacts’
  5. Follow these steps:

What account do you want to import from:

  1. enter your Orange email address and click continue
  2. Enter the password for your account:
  3. POP username: enter the bit after the @ from your orange email address. For or addresses you need to enter your full email address including the bit before the @
  4. POP server address: enter Make sure you tick the box ‘Import mail’ and any other of the options you choose
  5. Then click ‘Start import’

Once it’s completed, check that your emails have been copied across successfully

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