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  DavyLad 10:46 15 Nov 2008

I recently bought my wife a new laptop for christmas.I thought I would set it up for her with an email account. I thought it would be easy in that I would only have to create an email accout for her, but I keep on gettting a POP3 error. I must be doing something wrong but I don't see what. Incidentally, Vista home edition is on the laptop. Anyone point me in the right direction?

  Peter 10:52 15 Nov 2008


Have you considered setting up a Yahoo or GMail account for your wife?


  crosstrainer 10:56 15 Nov 2008

All ISP's have specific settings for POP and SMTP.

Who is your provider? we can then post the settings you need to complete the setup.

  lotvic 12:54 15 Nov 2008

What exactly is the error message you are getting?

Have you set up the Internet Connection and can you connect and browse the Web?

  crosstrainer 12:58 15 Nov 2008

I think it's his / her POP / SMTP, so need to know which ISP.

  DavyLad 05:42 16 Nov 2008

Hi there.My provider is Virgin and I can connect to the net. My wife wants Windows email, don't as me why. Thee message I get is "The connection to the server has failed. Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Socket Error: 10061, Error Number: 0x800CCC0E" Many thanks for your hel.

  crosstrainer 05:45 16 Nov 2008

The smtp setting has either been mis-typed in your post, or you have mis-typed it into the settings box.

Should be

For all virgin settings:

click here

  lotvic 22:01 16 Nov 2008

ntlworld, Vista and Windows Mail
To set up Windows Mail for Vista for an email address ending in @ntlworld, do the following click here

  lotvic 22:03 16 Nov 2008

'Protocol: SMTP'
shouldn't that bit be POP3 ?

  lotvic 22:06 16 Nov 2008

scrub my last post, having a senior moment :(

  Sea Urchin 23:11 16 Nov 2008

Just a thought - but presumably you have set up the email account with Virgin (ntlworld) before trying to access it with Windows Mail?

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