New e-mail address

  VoG II 23:04 03 Nov 2003

This is for work. Scenario:

Change e-mail address from [email protected] to [email protected]

(these are completely ficticious even if they turn into mailtos)

For the old address we are using Lotus Notes (spit!).

For the new address we are using Tobit click here

A) easy way to advise clients of change of address?

B) ANY way of importing address list from Lotus Notes to Tobit?

Yes we do have "IT support" but...!

  Sir Radfordin 23:30 03 Nov 2003

Apart from emailing your clients there isn't going to be an easy way of telling them a change of address.

Depending on how the domains are set up will effect what happens to the mail. If there is an MX (?) record on the domain then you may be able to change things so it points to teh domain and emails still get through.

As for importing address list...dunno! You may have to export and import via 3rd party software - eg Lotus Notes - Excel - Tobit. Not knowing either how Lotus Notes or Tobit work its all a stab in the dark!

  VoG II 23:36 03 Nov 2003


I have already set up a rule in Lotus Notes (spit!) to forward my e-mails.

I have a client list - probably 200 to 300 strong. If anybody knows a way of transferring this I would be eternally grateful.

  smegs 00:48 04 Nov 2003

Can U not save them to Floppy/CD, then onto the new system?

  Forum Editor 00:52 04 Nov 2003

your Lotus Notes address book in tabular text format or structured text format. Whether you can import that output into Tobit is another matter altogether - I've never heard of Tobit, and the UK link on their web site doesn't work.

I would have thought that it's worth a try - you've nothing to lose.

  DieSse 08:31 04 Nov 2003

Use a signature to automatically add a reminder to every email about the address change.

Change the "reply to" to your new email address.

Presumably you will still be picking up mail from the old address for some time - if not, then you really should arrange to do so - then with the above two measures the word will slowly but surely get around.

  VoG II 17:31 04 Nov 2003

Thanks for all those useful comments.

I'll try exporting my Lotus Notes address book as you suggest FE, then see if there's a way of importing Tobit. I hadn't heard of Tobit until Monday!

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