NEW dual cathodes not working..

  nufc2009 15:41 08 Apr 2009

hi so i bought a set of 12" cold dual cathodes last week, tried setting them up but they didnt work. I thought it was because one was faulty, had a slight crack in it, got the replacement sent out today, no cracks or anything in the tubes, still doesnt work.

This is how ive fitted it, dual inverter is connected to psu cable (the cable cannot be faulty because it also power 2x 80mm fans through the same one).

hooked up each cathode to the dual inverter and powered on the pc, no neons.

PSU is a 700W OCZ GameXStream so should power this fine.

  I am Spartacus 16:17 08 Apr 2009

Could be a faulty inverter. Also if supplied with an on/off switch is it switched on? They seem to work OK if the outer housing is cracked.

  nufc2009 18:34 08 Apr 2009

hi spartacus, yes the on switch is on, i have tried two inverters from the same set of neons, they look rather flimsy, where as the cathodes look in perfect condition on the tube and filament things inside.

i wonder if its worth getting a inverter seperate? and if so can you get branded ones?


  I am Spartacus 20:39 08 Apr 2009

Can you RMA it? All the inverters I have are of the cheap and nasty kind, I've not actually seen one that looks like quality.

  nufc2009 20:55 08 Apr 2009

this is the second set ive had, i got them to RMA it they said it was tested and working. but its not working here.

Yeah, the inverters do look nasty. i have sat here 4x green cathodes and 2x very cheap looking inverters.

ive checked the pins on the molex connectors and nothing is bent, theres just seems to be no power going through.

I cant seem to think of anything else then, other than trying a different inverter. It couldnt be a lack of power, i mean how much do cathodes need?

here is my setup:

700W OCZ GameXStream PSU
Abit IP35 Pro XE
Q6600 @ 3.72ghz
Palit 8800GT 1GB
2x2 OCZ Platinum [email protected]
4x 120mm Fans
3x 80mm Fans
1x Samsung Lightscribe
500GB Hard Drive
Perhiperals: AIO Epson Printer, Bluetooth, 8GB USB Dongle, 3Mobile Dongle, Xbox360 controller for windows
22" Yuraku Monitor
SB Live2! Sound Card
5.1 Surround Sound
ThermalTake SL1 PCI Cooler

Im pretty sure a couple of cathodes wont be affecting the power in any way, the pc wont boot up otherwise right?

  I am Spartacus 20:59 08 Apr 2009

You could try one cathode tube at a time. Nice overclock by the way:o)

  wiz-king 21:15 08 Apr 2009

Cold cathode is the type of tube, each one should have two connections, one is the anode and the other is the cathode, if the inverter supplies AC it should not mater which connection is which, but you could try reversing the connections to get them to strike, also the striking voltage will be higher than the working voltage. Make sure you have an inverter can supply enough volts to strike the tube.

  nufc2009 10:02 09 Apr 2009

thanks spartacus - got it in the end ;) ive had it at 3.8ghz but keep at 3.72ghz, better then the p5-e sli if you remember :)

wiz-king, i have one cathode here, it has two wires coming out the end, but only one plastic connector, which only fits into the inverter one way. The inverter uses a 2 pin (fan like connector), which has a standard male/female molex on the end. i will try again later, each cathode in turn.


  I am Spartacus 10:32 09 Apr 2009

Just one further thought. I've rewired mine to remove the switch and the molex pass through connector. I did notice that the pins in the molex were loose and not fully inserted. You may want to check that area.

I did find that if you have them on for about 12 hours a day then they last around 3 months before going very dim.

  nufc2009 12:00 09 Apr 2009

pins to the molex look fine, they are not loose or anything, the only thing i have noticed is the molex/2pin connector doesnt fit all the way into the inverter, it sticks out some what.

  I am Spartacus 12:11 09 Apr 2009

Just looked at mine and they stick out no more than about 1mm.

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