New Digital Camera cannot transfer pictures

  jessie18 12:44 22 Jun 2003

I bought a Konica Digital Revio KD-100 yestaday, installed the driver on the computer running 98se and the software.

Followed instructions (manual dosn't help) under the software for downloading pictures and nothing!!

Although I have installed the camera driver 3 times and it's listed under ADD/Remove programs the camera dosn't show under Scanner and camera details in the control panel - there is just my scanner listed????

Please help.

  Pc.2 12:51 22 Jun 2003

what is the name of the software supplied for the photo manipulation?


  Confab 12:55 22 Jun 2003

Not sure about your camera but with mine the camera needs to be attached to the PC via the supplied usb cable and turned on to show up on my PC. Also the camera doesn't get "listed" in the control panel but becomes another drive. In my case the "F" drive in explorer.


  jessie18 12:57 22 Jun 2003

MGI PhotoSuite SE is the supplied software it also came with MGI PhotoVista.

It's the photosuite that I have been trying to use.

  jessie18 12:59 22 Jun 2003

Yep I connect up via usb, switch on camera and nothing happens :-(

  Confab 13:07 22 Jun 2003

Could be a faulty camera and/or USB cable. Can you try it on another PC to see if it works? If not maybe revisit the shop where you bought it to see if they can test it or replace it for you.


  Pc.2 13:07 22 Jun 2003

thought it might be MGI, I switched to Photoimpact and have not had any problems since. There is a less expensive way however.....if your camera has a SmartMedia or CompactFlash card installed then for around £15 you would be better off buying a Card reader, it plugs into a USB port and will be auto installed as a Drive, then just put the card from your camera into it and it should autostart with a menu asking you what you want to do ie: View/Copy to folder/Write to disc etc. Using MGI you would use File/Open/F:(or whatever the drive is known as on your pc) double click on the folder (probably CTG00012 or something to that effect) and that will list all the pics in number format, using MGI to Preview them, then click on Open when you find the one you want.


  Pc.2 13:09 22 Jun 2003

you would not require any of the camera drivers either, so they can be uninstalled, saving a lot of space and headaches.


  jessie18 13:16 22 Jun 2003

Oh dear more money! Thanks for your advice, I wish things would just do as you expect them too. It's spoilt all my fun now!

  Pc.2 13:23 22 Jun 2003

I know it's more money, but after 5 days of headaches, frustration to the point of nearly throwing it out of the window, I found that the £14.99 for the card reader was well spent, and of course the beauty of it....nothing to install, no drivers to go wrong and you don't have to have the camera plugged in. Best of luck.


  jessie18 13:51 22 Jun 2003

I'm already at the point of window launching, thanks Cliff another £14.99 it shall be then.

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