New Dial Up Modem?

  RobCharles1981 17:50 07 Nov 2005

I was wondering weather it is advisable If I would notice any difference too replace my existing Modem with a new Modem? The One I had in mind was a Zoom V92 PCI modem the one I have now is a CNXT V92 Data Fax Voice what can anyone suggest? Too improve the speed should I update the Driver for it or change it too a different PCI slot on my motherboard, or use Less Phone line too improve the connection? 18:00 07 Nov 2005

When you say less phone line do you mean via an extension cable? You should always use the smallest extension cable you can - the less distance the signal has to travel the faster the connection. This is certainly true of broadband and I would assume the same rule applies to dial up also. As for the new modem, if they are both 56k I can't imagine there would be much difference. If you are worried about you connection speed, try updating the driver as you suggested first.

  Stuartli 18:09 07 Nov 2005

Your ISP will have to support the V92 standards for it to work and not all that many do.

In addition, your choice of ISP will/often dictates the maximum speed you can achieve.

Apart from broadband I also have Tiscali and Pipex dialup accounts.

Over the years Tiscali has been a fixed 49.2kbps but Pipex is always either 51.7 or 52kbps, perhaps the best speeds you could achieve from a dialup modem, using a proper hardware Diamond SupraExpress V56i Pro modem.

If, however, I'm testing friends' modems on my system - usually the "soft" type costing around a tenner - speeds are around 42 to 48kbps at best...:-)

  RobCharles1981 19:22 07 Nov 2005

My ISP is AOL, Ive updated the modem driver and seeing how things go from here

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