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new desktop - which brand?

  wildhouse 10:07 29 Oct 2016

I am replacing my desktop, hopefully with an i5 processor. I don't want to spend more than £500 as would prefer to replace in a few years than live with a sluggish PC as I am doing now. Would appreciate feedback on manufacturers - have narrowed it down to Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Zoostorm or Dell (prob not Dell as current PC is Dell and has been appalling but maybe I was unlucky?). Thanks.

  john bunyan 19:19 29 Oct 2016

I would look as Novatech. I bought a 7i from them - very good indeed, and you can customise it. I updated the HD's to a 250 Gig SSD with a 1Tb HDD. NB you have to pay for the OS etc.


  john bunyan 19:21 29 Oct 2016

One suggestion:

Life NT1201

I assume you have a monitor.

  wildhouse 19:53 07 Nov 2016

Sorry - forgot to tick get Updates and didn't spot replies! Yes, I have a monitor. Novatech somewhat confusing . Initially it says no optical drive and doesn't mention OS, but when I click in it says included. If not included, then I may have found one at Argos which would work out cheaper - Zoostorm Evolve i5 16GB with 2 TB - it's £480. Any feedback appreciated.

  john bunyan 20:16 07 Nov 2016

I went to Novatech as I live quite close. I added 2 optical drives for about £25 I think.

Does the Zoostorm have a SSD as well ? Argos is fine but I preferred to buy from a manufacturer- good as I had an issue with crashing which they sorted out with a driver update that I would have found difficult. Maybe others will comment

  boyo123boyo 14:05 08 Nov 2016

My advice is usually along the lines of Acer and Asus for buying complete desktops. I warn you now, I've had plenty of Lenovo PC's in the past and they are nothing but trouble. Also, once you have a problem with them, their support is weak for non-business users.

I would also avoid Zoostorm as I've heard their customer support is also poor.

The best advice to give would be to look at the spec of any machines you consider getting and check that the manufacturers of all the parts have a good reputation.

Finally, I would guess that you got unlucky with your previous Dell machine as they have an excellent reputation. Although pricey, their products tend to be well built and are supported well. Also, when you finally decide to get your machine make sure you get it from a company that will support you well. (I have blacklisted PC World and several Amazon sellers due to terrible support on PC's)

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