New desktop reliability help

  muergo2 20:04 07 Jan 2011

In view of my other thread running about the problems I have with my ageing PC, I would like feedback on reliability of the two top runners in PCAdvisor best buys Palicom and Arbico in the £500 bracket as it looks as though I shall need to buy a new one even if my current problems are solved.

The models listed 1 & 2 seem to fit my needs as a non-gamer.

It's strange that the volume sellers in the desktop market, Dell and HP never seem to appear in any of PCA top tables as millions of people must buy them.

  sunnystaines 20:17 07 Jan 2011

i would recommend novatech

click here

  GaT7 20:25 07 Jan 2011

Links would be handy, so I've provided them here:

Chillblast Fusion Shogun review (Jan 2011) click here

Arbico i3 5600 XL review (Jan 2011) click here

Couldn't find a Palicomp one for £500 the review of which is newer than Sept 2010: Core i3 Blast 540-22 USB3 click here & Palicomp Core i3 Blast 530OC44 click here - so are these models still available? G

  muergo2 22:59 07 Jan 2011

I have all the reviews and read them thoroughly, Arbico is now offering an i5 instead of an i3 at the same price, but I reckon now the dark saleless days of January are here there will be more improvements in spec or reduction of price.
I can budget for about £500 for a media oriented PC without need for gaming or speed.

Having got the very latest reviews what about reliability and customer service of any of these companies, I was seeking first hand experiences

  onthelimit 10:08 08 Jan 2011

You mention Dell as not appearing. I find that strange as the company I worked for had over 200 cheap ones. Only used for basic stuff, but there was never a reliability issue with any of them.

  birdface 10:58 08 Jan 2011

Remember PCA only review the computers they do not review the company's that sell them.
So always better to check for customer reviews before buying.

  sunnystaines 12:06 08 Jan 2011

before buying phone their customer services to see how long they take to answer, is it a free tel call or any 08 tel number, also is it a british helpline or foreign.

  961 13:31 08 Jan 2011

The volume sellers such as Dell and HP generally don't bother to submit computers for test to the consumer PC magazines

The reason is that they build by the thousand, much for the business market. The magazines generally start to write a review by contacting makers saying something along the lines of "We are going to test desktops costing £500. Do you want to submit? Oh, and by the way, you must wait a couple of months for the review to be tested and then make sure you keep it on sale to our readers for another month or 6 weeks after that, whatever happens to the price of the components while all this time elapses"

(I'm open to correction from PCAdvisor and any other magazine that wants to comment)

Dell etc just don't bother to go down that road

  muergo2 13:59 08 Jan 2011

My March PCA just arrived, the Group Test now gives Chillblast Nbr1 with Arbico still nbr2 despite their upgrading over a month ago of their £500 machine from an Intel i3 chip to an i5 which only appears in the next price bracket of £750 machines, so if PCA had refreshed their November test that surely would have made it nbr1.

I also found out that they are opening a London depot this month so the RTB warranty would be easier for me.

Any comments on Arbico?.

If, as 961 says that PCA only reports on PC's sent to them that's not a very accurate comparison, the company is hardly likely to send one that has not been thoroughly checked beforehand.

Consumers Association Which? uses private shoppers to buy standard off the shelf products to test.
I will look in my latest mag to see what they have to say but probably slanted to Mac as all journalists, teachers etc are, I am surrounded by a sea of Mac owners, all my immediate family and friends have Macs which is why I am so grateful to yourselves for all the informed help.

At my age and mental deterioration the last thing I need is to change systems, moving to Windows7 will be a major trauma.

  961 14:29 08 Jan 2011

"moving to Windows7 will be a major trauma"

Honest Injun, believe me, it won't

If you buy a new computer with Windows 7 it will be the easiest, peasiest migration you have EVER done as you have moved through the Windows generations

My age and etc is the same as your's young man

If I can get my head round it, so can you

As for Which? computer reviews, I've never quite got my head round those, or felt they represented what I knew of the computer world

As for reliability the PC Pro awards are reader based and, hopefully with the indulgence of PCAdvisor, I can provide a link

click here

  muergo2 15:04 08 Jan 2011

Thanks 961 for your chart, it's a pity Arbico does not appear in the listings but Chillblast hits the Nbr1 on the readers vote and also on this months PCA chart, so I shall take a longer harder look at their latest offers.

I don't know how you guesstimate my age, but I can remember pre Windows and non internet when our office was linked only to head office in Seattle and the other European offices, we could not communicate with customers, that was Telex or Fax.
I also had one of the first Cellnet phones in my car with a huge power pack in the boot, phone was screwed to the dashboard and call costs exorbitant when you could find a signal.
Things have moved a lot since 1990!

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