New Desktop - Loading Security software

  RKMonty 17:17 25 Feb 2009

I have a new desktop, which has a Macafee free trial.
I want to download some Free Security software to my pc.
ie AVG, Spybot, Zone Alarm, MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware
To download these I have to be on the www. - what prevents me being 'infected before' I have been able to downloaded and install these programs.
Also at what time should I delete the Macafee software and how best to do that

Many thanks

  Marko797 18:04 25 Feb 2009

how are u connected at the moment, i.e. to put this post here?

Maybe u cud dl the free software to a pen drive, then install from this to your new desktop. I've never tried it, but it should work fine.

  MAT ALAN 18:05 25 Feb 2009

Chances of you being infected while you are on A/V websites, probably NONE....

click here

for McAfee uninstall...

  RKMonty 18:11 25 Feb 2009

Hi Marko797
I'm still using my old desktop at the mo to post here
I just thought that although you can download a program to a pen drive or a cd....when your installing it , it still has to make conatct with it's 'home' site ??

Mat Alan
Thanks useful info

  Marko797 18:14 25 Feb 2009

well, it will eventually, if u need to register (say Avast for example), but that usually occurs after u've installed the program. I wouldn't whip myself up into hysteria about it. U'll be fine :)

  gazzaho 18:37 25 Feb 2009

When changing security software I always download the product I wish to install and disconnect before uninstalling the old and installing the new. This usually works as most programs don't require registration until after installation, however it may not be possible with all security software, I found while installing Avira in order to evaluate it before deciding to buy that it required connection during the installation, not such a good procedure in my opinion as it would appear to leave the computer open to attack while installing.

I would download all the programs, unplug the internet cable uninstall McAfee using the application shown in MAT ALLEN's thread, reboot, install AVG then reconnect the internet cable. MalwareBytes and SuperAntiSpyware can be installed at any time after the security suite is installed as they don't deal with viruses as such but more with web based attacks and spyware.

Spybot S&D I can't comment on as the program wouldn't install properly for me and caused problems on my machine, and again I can't comment on Zone Alarm as I don't use it myself, if it's just the firewall you would need to perhaps switch any other firewalls off as running 2 would cause conflicts, again if it's the full security suite you mean then having it and AVG running together would cause conflicts.

You can only have one anti virus and one firewall running on your machine at one time otherwise conflicts will occur. You can use more than one Spyware detector to detect spyware, although I'm unsure if 2 running at the same time would work. I would also recommend running SpywareBlaster as it blocks a lot of malicious web sites from your browser.

  RKMonty 18:55 25 Feb 2009

Hi Gazzaho
Great info......really really useful !! Thanks for taking the time to reply and I will take on board all your comments. Thanks again.
Your reply will also help others too.

  DieSse 01:08 26 Feb 2009

I would use Avast, not AVG. The free version of Avast protects against more types of threat than AVG. See the lists on their websites as to what protection you do and don't get.

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